Approval Granted: New 5G Mast Set to Transform Sunderland Neighbourhood

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Plans for the erection of a new 20-metre-high 5G telecommunications mast in a Sunderland neighbourhood have received official approval from city planners, marking a significant advancement in enhancing digital infrastructure in the area. The proposal, given the go-ahead by Sunderland City Council’s planning team, involves installing the tower on a grassed site situated at the junction of Station Road and Dene Lane in Fulwell.

Located in close proximity to various establishments, including a veterinary practice, a community library, and The Blue Bell pub, the proposed mast aims to improve telecommunications coverage within the vicinity. Detailed plans outline the installation of a 20-metre monopole equipped with six antennas, two dishes, three cabinets, and associated ancillary equipment.

Despite the council’s approval, the decision wasn’t without public scrutiny. During the consultation process, one objection was raised, citing concerns ranging from potential health implications and visual disruption to impacts on residential amenity and property valuations. However, following a thorough review, the council’s planning department gave the green light to the project on March 27, 2024.

In a comprehensive decision report, council planners acknowledged the visual impact the mast would have but deemed it acceptable considering its strategic positioning and design. Emphasising the necessity of bolstering telecommunications infrastructure in the area, the report underscored the significance of the proposed installation.

“The proposed mast is deemed acceptable in this instance given the location of the site and the imperative to enhance telecommunications coverage within the area,” stated the council report.

Furthermore, it was highlighted that alternative sites were explored but ultimately deemed less suitable for accommodating the proposed development. Notably, the report addressed concerns regarding the mast’s height, reassuring that it was meticulously designed to minimise interference with 5G signals.

“While the height and scale of the proposal may impact visual amenity, the service it offers outweighs any potential drawbacks,” the report affirmed.

Additionally, the proposal’s incorporation of multiple technologies within a singular installation was lauded for its efficiency in meeting diverse coverage objectives. The decision to coat the apparatus in a grey hue was deemed acceptable, aligning with the surrounding built environment.

Addressing health considerations, the council’s environmental health department was consulted and found no cause for concern, further bolstering the case for the mast’s construction. Moreover, the slender design of the mast coupled with the surrounding architectural context was deemed non-intrusive, preserving the area’s character.

With plans now approved, the imminent construction of the 5G mast heralds a new era of enhanced connectivity for residents and businesses in Sunderland. While concerns were raised and duly considered, the council’s decision underscores the paramount importance of advancing digital infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the community.

As Sunderland prepares to embrace the benefits of 5G technology, the approval of this mast serves as a testament to the city’s commitment to progress and innovation in the realm of telecommunications.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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