Significant Advancement Achieved as Third Core Wraps Up in Glasgow’s Bath Street Student Housing Endeavour

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In a noteworthy leap forward for Glasgow’s urban development, the construction team at Bath Street has successfully concluded the construction of the third core of a sprawling student accommodation complex. The project, set to deliver over 550 new student flats, is advancing expeditiously under the management of GRAHAM, with the ambitious target of completion by the summer of 2025.

The development, a cooperative endeavour between GRAHAM and frame partner Hampsey Ltd, has already attracted attention for its scale and ingenuity. The recent achievement, the completion of the third core standing at an impressive 36 meters, marks a significant milestone in the construction timeline. The development is poised to infuse fresh energy into the Bath Street area and contribute to the ongoing revitalization of Sauchiehall Street.

The green light for the transformative project was granted in 2022 when local councillors approved the demolition of existing offices to make way for purpose-built student flats. While developers argue that this initiative will contribute to the area’s regeneration, some local councillors expressed concern over an alleged overconcentration of student accommodation in the vicinity.

The 551-bed complex at 225 Bath Street is being executed by GRAHAM on behalf of student housing firm IQ. The completion of the third core in less than eight weeks underscores the efficiency and dedication of the construction team, bringing the project one step closer to its anticipated finish line.

IQ, responsible for managing the nearby 324-bed Elgin Place student development, is committed to providing a comprehensive range of amenities at the new site. These include a fitness centre, gaming arcade, dining spaces, and social areas, catering to the diverse needs of the student community.

The regional managing director at GRAHAM Building North expressed contentment with the project’s progress since its commencement in July. The critical need for new student homes across the city was highlighted, emphasizing that the Bath Street development will play a significant role in addressing the gap between supply and demand for student housing in Glasgow.

The collaborative effort extends beyond GRAHAM and IQ, involving key players in the construction and design sectors. Architects Cooper Cromar, engineering consultant Woolgar Hunter, project manager Atkins Realis, and cost consultants Cumming Group constitute the integral project team, each contributing their expertise to ensure the success of the Bath Street student housing complex.

Planning documents submitted underscore the project’s commitment to replacing an outdated 1970s office building with a meticulously planned development. The accommodation’s varied bedroom configurations are designed to cater to a broader spectrum of student age groups beyond the typical first and second-year residents of purpose-built student accommodation. The project aims to alleviate the demand for housing among older students, often residing in subpar HMOs, freeing up existing buildings for more suitable residential regeneration to meet the evolving needs of the city.

As the construction progresses, the Bath Street student housing project stands as a testament to Glasgow’s commitment to urban renewal and addressing the housing needs of its vibrant student population. With the completion of the third core, the city edges closer to welcoming a modern, purpose-built student community hub, destined to become a hallmark of Glasgow’s evolving cityscape.

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