Planning Inspector Rejects Proposal to Transform Northbrook Equestrian Centre into Housing Development

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In a recent decision, a planning inspector has dismissed an appeal seeking permission to convert the picturesque Northbrook Equestrian Centre into a housing development. The proposal to build 28 new homes on the site, situated in the serene New Road near Offord Cluny, faced rejection from the national planning body due to concerns about the potential urbanization of the surrounding rural area.

Originally submitted to Huntingdonshire District Council by the equestrian center’s proprietors, the planning application argued that the site, including the center and associated grazing paddocks, qualified as previously developed land. The proposal emphasized its commitment to fostering sustainable development, with 40% of the homes earmarked as affordable housing. Furthermore, it cited the desire for retirement as a driving force behind the redevelopment.

Following the district council’s failure to reach a decision within the stipulated timeframe, the owners took the matter to the planning inspectorate, seeking an appeal. However, the planning inspector assigned to assess the application decided to dismiss the appeal, citing concerns about the appropriateness of the location for the proposed development.

The inspector raised specific concerns regarding the potential impact on the future residents of the proposed development, highlighting the distance from nearby villages. Expressing worry about the reliance on private cars, the inspector noted, “Residents of the proposed dwellings would need to travel to access services and facilities regularly, given the lack of amenities in the immediate surroundings of the appeal site.”

One of the critical issues highlighted was the absence of separate environments for pedestrians or cyclists along the existing road, coupled with the lack of street lighting within the proposed development. The inspector contended that these factors would discourage alternative modes of transportation, leading to an increased reliance on private vehicles.

Additionally, the planning inspector voiced concerns about the potential “urbanizing effect” the development could have on the area. Emphasizing the idyllic surroundings of the appeal site, surrounded by fields, the inspector asserted, “The creation of a more domestic form of development would result in an erosion of the rural character. This would render the proposal an incongruous addition to the locality.”

The decision to reject the appeal underscores the delicate balance between development and preserving the rural charm of the region. The inspector’s focus on the impact on local residents and the character of the area reflects a commitment to sustainable and context-sensitive planning decisions.

While the owners of the equestrian centre sought a new chapter for their property in the form of a housing development, the inspector’s decision highlights the importance of considering the broader implications on the community and the environment. As the discussion around rural development continues, finding solutions that strike a balance between progress and preservation remains a challenging yet crucial endeavour for local planning authorities.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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