Milestone Achieved as Newman Place Welcomes Over 250 Affordable Homes in Littlemore Park

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A substantial achievement in affordable housing has been reached at Newman Place in Littlemore Park, where more than 250 homes have been successfully completed through a joint effort between housing association Peabody, Oxford City Council, and The Hill Group.

The completion of the 273-home site was marked by a celebration on December 8, bringing together all the partners involved in the development. This project represents a crucial step in addressing the housing needs of the local community, offering a mix of social rent and shared ownership properties.

Of the total homes, 111 have been designed for social rent, providing a vital solution for those on housing waiting lists. The remaining 162 homes are set for shared ownership, offering an opportunity for first-time buyers, key workers, and individuals under 40 to step onto the property ladder.

Peabody, committed to providing housing diversity, has ensured a range of property types. Affordable apartments and housing cater to first-time buyers, while larger three, four, and five-bedroom family homes are also available. The development includes wheelchair-accessible homes, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity.

The Regional Managing Director, Development North Counties at Peabody, expressed enthusiasm about the impact of this project on the local community. “This new collection of nearly 300 affordable homes is great news for local people wanting to get off the housing waitlist or on the housing ladder. Oxford is an incredible city, but it’s also one of the most expensive places to live outside London, and this makes the delivery of affordable homes challenging.”

Newman Place, being a 100 percent affordable and award-winning scheme, is tailored to meet the housing needs of Oxford residents. The Managing Director added, “We had a fantastic time celebrating with our partners and look forward to welcoming new residents to homes at a price they can afford, and so close to the city centre.”

The City Council Cabinet Member for Housing highlighted the significance of Peabody’s contribution to the city’s affordable housing targets. “Peabody’s 273 award-winning homes at Newman Place are an integral part of our four-year target to deliver 1,600 affordable homes by the end of 2025/26.”

Emphasizing the transformative impact of social rent homes, the Cabinet Member stated, “Each new home for social rent makes a life-changing difference in Oxford, one of the UK’s most unaffordable places to live. And shared ownership helps people like first-time buyers, key workers, and under-40s onto the housing ladder in a city they would otherwise be priced out of. Oxford needs affordable homes. Peabody and Hill are helping us deliver.”

The Regional Director at The Hill Group echoed the sentiments of collaboration and partnership. “It was wonderful to work with clients who share the same core values regarding collaboration and partnership, which ultimately leads to a positive outcome for the project and all its stakeholders.”

The Hill Group, proud to be part of the endeavor, successfully delivered 273 new affordable homes for individuals and families. The Regional Director noted, “We are extremely proud to have had the opportunity to deliver 273 new affordable homes for individuals and families, enabling the retention of key skills to support the city’s economic growth.”

The completion of Newman Place not only signifies a boost in affordable housing stock but also reflects the dedication of multiple stakeholders to address the pressing issue of housing affordability in Oxford. As the new residents settle into their homes, the collaborative effort stands as a testament to the positive impact achievable through shared vision and commitment to community well-being.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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