Inverness Poised for Culinary Hub as Millburn Road Beckons New Ventures

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In a bid to transform a section of Millburn Road into a gastronomic haven, a prime site for a restaurant and two hot-food takeaways has re-entered the market, tantalizing the taste buds of prospective business owners in Inverness.

Local estate agents have prominently displayed a sign, announcing the availability of two vacant units and a potential restaurant site for either rent or purchase. Nestled on Millburn Road, to the east of the KwikFit workshop and just off the Raigmore Interchange, the location is poised to become a culinary hotspot, surrounded by established eateries such as the drive-thru, the chip shop, and the Chinese takeaway.

This resurgence of interest stems from a 2016 decision by Highland Council planners, who granted permission for a significant change in land use. The two single-story flat-roofed units, originally designated as a motorcycle showroom and workshop, were approved for conversion into two hot food takeaways. Simultaneously, the council greenlit the construction of a two-storey glass-fronted restaurant on the vacant land adjacent to the units.

Despite these approvals, it appears that the permissions granted were never actualized. Given that more than three years have lapsed since the nod from the council, the initial permissions are likely to have expired. However, insiders suggest that fresh planning applications would likely receive favorable consideration from the council.

The available units, measuring 140 sqm and 64 sqm respectively, are competitively priced at a starting rental rate of £20,000 per annum. The cost for purchasing the units or securing the restaurant site remains undisclosed but can be obtained through application.

The estate agents overseeing the marketing of the site underscored the advantageous location’s excellent connectivity. With convenient access to both the A9 and A96 via Raigmore Interchange, the site is strategically positioned to attract traffic heading to or from the city centre.

The prospect of establishing a culinary presence in this bustling part of Inverness is not only a commercial opportunity but also aligns with the growing trend of creating vibrant food hubs in urban areas. The close proximity to well-known food establishments adds to the allure of the location, potentially fostering a thriving culinary community.

Local residents and business enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the transformation of Millburn Road into a dynamic gastronomic destination. While the specifics of the restaurant and takeaway offerings are yet to be revealed, the mere prospect of expanding the local dining scene is generating palpable excitement.

The potential influx of new businesses could also contribute positively to the local economy, creating job opportunities and injecting vitality into the commercial landscape. Entrepreneurs eyeing this opportunity are urged to act swiftly, considering the desirability of the location and the likelihood of increased competition for securing this prime spot.

As the culinary landscape in Inverness continues to evolve, the prospect of a new restaurant and hot-food takeaways on Millburn Road adds a delectable layer to the city’s gastronomic offerings. Whether it’s a quick takeaway or a leisurely dining experience, the residents of Inverness may soon find themselves spoiled for choice, turning Millburn Road into a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and curious diners alike.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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