Rishi Sunak’s Leadership on the Brink as Rebellion Threatens to Unravel His Credibility

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In a high-stakes political showdown that could reshape the future of Rishi Sunak’s premiership, the Chancellor is racing against time to salvage his credibility amidst a growing rebellion within the Conservative ranks. Sources close to GB News suggest that Sunak may contemplate pulling the contentious legislation at the last minute if the number of rebels continues to rise, posing a significant threat.

Tensions escalated last night when a substantial faction of 60 Conservative MPs defied party lines to support right-wing amendments to the legislation. Should even half of these rebels persist in voting against the Bill during its third reading tonight, Sunak’s proposed legislation could face a devastating blow.

As of now, approximately 15 Conservative MPs have signalled their intention to vote against the legislation—a number that might well increase as the day unfolds. Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, ex-Business Secretary Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Miriam Cates, co-chairman of the New Conservatives, are among those indicating their dissent.

Adding to the pressure, the eight MPs from the Democratic Unionist Party are expected to cast their votes against the Bill this evening. While tonight’s vote is not framed as a vote of confidence, the consensus is that a defeat could severely undermine Sunak’s authority within the party.

Amidst the political turmoil, GB News exclusively reveals that four boats crossed the English Channel this morning, with a fifth currently attempting the crossing in worsening weather conditions—an action strongly condemned by maritime security sources as “crazily stupid.”

The dissent within the Conservative Party intensified as Lee Anderson and Brendan Clarke-Smith, who confirmed their support for the amendments, resigned as deputy chairmen of the Tory Party ahead of the crucial vote. Reports suggest that Sunak may have no option but to dismiss them. Additionally, Jane Stevenson, a parliamentary private secretary in the Department for Business and Trade, resigned after supporting the amendments.

In a dramatic turn of events, 70 MPs, including 60 Tories, two independent MPs formerly aligned with the Conservative parliamentary party (Scott Benton and Andrew Bridgen), and eight DUP MPs, backed the Cash amendment. Despite the rejection of the amendment by a substantial margin (529 votes to 68), the scale of the rebellion sent shockwaves through Westminster.

Sir Bill Cash, the architect of the rebel movement, articulated the group’s stance during yesterday’s debate, asserting, “We desire the success of the Bill, we want it to function, and we aim to align with the wishes of our voters. However, as it stands, it falls short.” Cash proposed Amendment 10, stressing the necessity of clear and unambiguous wording in Clause two of the Bill, citing the historical significance of the notwithstanding formula, and emphasizing the sovereignty of the Crown in Parliament as a pillar of democracy.

Former cabinet minister Sir Simon Clarke, echoing the urgency of the situation, told fellow MPs, “This marks our final opportunity to take action in this Parliament.” Meanwhile, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick challenged the government and parliamentarians, asking, “How much are we genuinely willing to do to impede the boats? How much are we prepared to confront vested interests, strike a balance in trade-offs, and take the robust steps that will yield results? The only countries globally that have successfully addressed this problem, namely Australia and Greece, have been willing to take the most decisive action. Are we? Well, I am.”

As the political drama unfolds, all eyes are on the parliamentary chambers where Rishi Sunak’s leadership hangs in the balance, with the outcome of tonight’s vote likely to determine the trajectory of the Conservative Party and the government’s policies on a critical legislative front.

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