Family Behind Sheffield Street Violence Sentenced to Jail

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A disturbing incident that shook the tranquility of Sheffield’s Firth Park has culminated in the sentencing of a family of four individuals, landing them behind bars for their roles in a violent altercation that sent shockwaves through the community.

Sheffield Crown Court bore witness to the unsettling details as officers responded to a chaotic scene at The Oval in Firth Park on June 15, 2022. Reports flooded in regarding a disruptive episode unfolding on the street, prompting South Yorkshire Police to intervene.

The court proceedings unveiled the grim narrative of how David Bean, Kacey Bean, Kian Bean, and Danny Bean orchestrated a series of assaults on the residents of a neighboring property. Disturbingly, David Bean was found guilty of hurling alcohol at the victims while spewing racist invective, marking a deplorable turn in the altercation.

Kacey Bean and Danny Bean faced accusations of physically assaulting members of the neighboring household, viciously pulling them to the ground by their hair, followed by a brutal onslaught of kicks by Kian Bean. Moreover, footage obtained from the scene captured the horrifying sight of Danny Bean brandishing an axe, terrorizing individuals on the street in a display of sheer violence.

Law enforcement acted swiftly, confiscating a cache of weapons, including a bat, two axes, and a wooden handle, from Danny Bean’s vehicle at the scene, underscoring the severity of the situation.

Judge Moor-Taylor, presiding over the case, delivered a scathing rebuke, denouncing the family’s utter disregard for societal norms. He condemned their racially charged behavior and the profound negative impact it had on the neighboring family, leaving no doubt in his mind regarding the necessity of a custodial sentence for each offender.

The court proceedings saw David Bean, aged 52, of The Oval, admit guilt to charges of affray and racially aggravated public order. His sentence, handed down on November 20, 2023, amounted to 21 months in prison. Similarly, Danny Bean, aged 29, residing at The Oval, pleaded guilty to assault and possession of a bladed article, earning a 14-month prison term.

Kacey Bean, aged 22, hailing from Skelton Walk, confessed to charges of affray and assault, resulting in a 10-month prison sentence. Meanwhile, Kian Bean, aged 19, from Southey Crescent, admitted guilt to charges of affray and assault, leading to a 14-month term in a youth offending institute. Additionally, he faced a two-year disqualification from driving.

Notably, Kian faced sentencing for a separate incident on October 1, 2021. He was implicated in a case where he was driving a vehicle that struck an individual waiting for a taxi on Division Street in Sheffield. Subsequently, the occupants disembarked and threw a metal canister at the victim, causing minor injuries.

Reflecting on the sentencing, Sergeant Matt Cook of the Local Sheffield North East Neighbourhood Policing Team expressed deep concern over the ferocity of the incident, labelling it both violently disruptive and racially motivated. He emphasized the community’s right to live without the specter of such hate-driven violence and assured the public of law enforcement’s unwavering commitment to combat hate crimes and hold offenders accountable.

The aftermath of this harrowing episode serves as a stark reminder of the necessity to uphold civility and tolerance within communities, fostering an environment where safety and respect prevail over discord and bigotry.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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