Enhanced Security Measures in York City Centre: Blake Street Closure for Final Stages of Bollard Installation

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In a move to bolster security and safeguard the bustling heart of York, City of York Council has announced the temporary closure of Blake Street for up to eight weeks, commencing on January 8, 2024. This closure is part of the conclusive phase of installing anti-terrorism bollards aimed at fortifying the city’s core against potential threats.

Blake Street, a vibrant thoroughfare in the city centre, will see a comprehensive traffic lockdown, with pavements intermittently closing on each side during the construction’s two-phase schedule. Despite these closures, the City of York Council reassures residents and business owners that access to establishments along Blake Street will be maintained throughout the process.

Simultaneously, the intersection of Parliament Street and High Ousegate will also experience a temporary cessation of traffic flow. This measure corresponds to the installation of sliding bollards, supplementing the existing fixed ones and further fortifying the city’s security infrastructure.

The decision to intensify security in York’s city centre follows a prior phase of the project, where bollards were installed at the junction of Colliergate and St Saviourgate. This earlier initiative faced criticism from local traders who claimed a detrimental impact on business. In response, the City of York Council emphasizes its commitment to minimizing disruptions and urges businesses to communicate any concerns promptly.

A trader on Blake Street expressed optimism about the thriving businesses along the street, hoping that the upcoming work will not adversely affect them. This sentiment echoes concerns raised by traders in Colliergate during the earlier phase of the project.

The executive member for transport and business at City of York Council acknowledged the potential inconvenience caused by the project. They stated, “Following the pause during the busy festive season, this final stretch of work will include installing the final set of bollards and connecting them to power and CCTV.”

They also issued an apology for any disruption, emphasizing the importance of completing these security measures. They added, “This work completes the installation of the hostile vehicle measures which, together with other measures will protect all who live, work and visit the city centre and permanently remove the need for the temporary barriers that have been in use in recent years.”

Alternative routes for vehicular access to Blake Street during the closure will be provided via Goodramgate and Spurriergate or High Petergate. However, the council assures that access to footways will be minimally affected, maintaining pedestrian flow.

The executive member revealed that staff will be present on-site during peak morning delivery periods to facilitate and manage access for deliveries. Additionally, the council’s contractor’s public liaison officer will liaise with local businesses, discussing their access needs and addressing concerns in the week preceding the commencement of work.

Despite these reassurances, echoes of discontent from previous bollard installations linger among some traders. The owner of a menswear store with branches in Blake Street and High Petergate recounted the adverse effects on their business during earlier bollard installations. “It affected us disastrously; we were down 40 per cent,” they stated, highlighting the challenges faced by businesses during such security-focused initiatives.

However, this time, they acknowledged receiving a week’s notice in advance of the announcement, offering a degree of preparedness. Yet, some traders on Blake Street remain unaware of the impending closure, raising concerns about the communication surrounding these security measures.

As the final stages of the anti-terrorism bollard installation project in York commence, the City of York Council aims to strike a balance between enhanced security measures and minimizing disruption to the vibrant business community at the heart of the city. The success of this delicate equilibrium will be crucial in shaping future public perception and cooperation with similar initiatives aimed at fortifying urban spaces against potential threats.

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