Storm Gerrit Causes Havoc: Aberdeen to Stirling Train Collides with Tree at 84mph

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A thorough investigation is in progress following a dramatic event on Wednesday, as a ScotRail train from Aberdeen collided with a fallen tree near Broughty Ferry, reaching speeds exceeding 80mph. This incident unfolded amidst widespread disruptions caused by Storm Gerrit, which brought fierce winds and heavy rainfall across the nation.

The incident transpired during the 10:39 Aberdeen to Stirling service, between Balmossie and Broughty Ferry. The High-Speed Train struck a tree that had fallen onto the tracks, triggering the emergency brake, which the quick-witted driver activated just before impact. Regrettably, the train’s front cab suffered extensive damage in the collision.

Despite the high-speed collision, the driver sustained only minor injuries. Passengers were swiftly evacuated, and the damaged train was promptly taken out of service. The incident prompted ASLEF, the UK’s train drivers’ union, to commend the driver’s rapid response. On social media, ASLEF remarked, “The shocking event at Broughty Ferry involved an outdated HST colliding with a tree. The driver’s response was commendable, shaken but unharmed. Ongoing discussions with ScotRail continue regarding the future of these trains on the railway.”

Before the incident, a concerned local resident had contacted Network Rail’s emergency number, alerting them to the danger posed by a fallen tree near their relative’s home. The Sunday Mail reported uncertainties regarding the actions taken in response to the call, but Network Rail sources confirmed receipt of the warning and an ongoing investigation into the circumstances.

Network Rail addressed the matter, stating, “Safety remains our utmost priority, and we are actively reviewing this incident. Precautionary measures were implemented before Storm Gerrit, aiming to slow down trains and halt services in forecasted extreme conditions, ensuring passenger and staff safety.” The spokesman expressed gratitude to the public for reporting safety concerns, urging anyone with such observations to contact their 24-hour helpline on 0345 711 4141.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) has initiated an inquiry into the incident. The investigation will delve into the sequence of events leading to the collision, the management of train operations during adverse weather, protocols for handling the risk of fallen trees, the public’s receipt of railway safety information, and the crashworthiness of the train.

This incident spotlights the challenges faced by the rail network during severe weather conditions and raises queries about the efficacy of safety measures in place. As the investigation progresses, it is anticipated that recommendations for enhancing safety protocols during adverse weather conditions will be a focal point. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the necessity for continuous improvement in safety protocols, fortifying the rail network against the unpredictable elements.

In conclusion, the rail community and the wider public eagerly await the findings of the investigation, hoping for insights that can forestall similar incidents in the future. The incident underscores the imperative for an ongoing commitment to refining safety protocols, ensuring the resilience of the rail network against the forces of nature.

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