Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring: Expert Guidance

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As daylight extends and temperatures become milder, gardeners nationwide are gearing up for the imminent arrival of spring. Alongside the anticipation of leisurely afternoons amidst verdant surroundings comes the essential prelude of preparatory tasks to ensure our outdoor spaces are ready for the season ahead.

An esteemed gardening expert and Director of Hedges Direct provides invaluable insights and a comprehensive checklist to kickstart our spring gardening endeavours.

He states, “March brings us longer daylight hours and milder temperatures, providing ample opportunities for garden maintenance. Commencing preparations now will maximise enjoyment of your outdoor haven in the coming months, while remaining vigilant against lingering winter frosts.”

Essential Gardening Tasks for March

1. Pruning Shrubs: Exercise caution with timing The expert advises, “March represents a critical window for pruning certain shrubs. While it’s crucial to await the waning of frosty conditions to avert damage, delaying too long risks interfering with the growth cycle, jeopardising this summer’s blooms or next winter’s rejuvenation for winter-flowering varieties.”

Shrubs Recommended for March Pruning:

  • Summer-Flowering Deciduous Shrubs: Buddleja Davidii, Caryopteris Clandonensis, Hardy Fuchsia.
  • Winter-Flowering Deciduous Shrubs: Jasminum Nudiflorum.
  • Evergreen Shrubs: Consider pruning hardier specimens like Cherry Laurel, contingent upon mild weather and absence of frost.

2. Sowing Hardy Annual Seeds: Seize the moment The expert advocates for the sowing of hardy annual seeds, resilient to frost, such as poppies, sweet peas, sunflowers, and cornflowers. He underscores the importance of cultivating soil meticulously to facilitate seedling emergence, cautioning against obstructions impeding their growth.

3. Lawn Maintenance: Proceed with care While the prospect of mowing may be daunting after the winter hiatus, the expert underscores the importance of judicious lawn care. He warns against excessively close mowing, which can stymie root development and leave grass vulnerable to stressors like weeds and disease. Optimal grass height is around 2.5 cm, though areas subject to heavy foot traffic may benefit from a slightly raised cut.

4. Pest Control: Vigilance is paramount The expert cautions against the resurgence of garden pests, particularly slugs and caterpillars, during spring’s warm, damp conditions. Early intervention is critical to safeguard seedlings and delicate foliage. Control measures range from manual removal to employing biological agents or creating barriers to deter pests.

5. Planting Flower Bulbs: Seize the opportunity Spring marks the ideal time for planting summer-flowering bulbs, capitalising on warming soil temperatures for robust growth. The expert recommends species like gladiolus, lilies, and ranunculus, advising a cautious approach to planting in light of potential frost.

As gardeners eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring, expert guidance furnishes a roadmap for effective garden preparation. From meticulous pruning to vigilant pest management and strategic bulb planting, March presents a wealth of opportunities to nurture flourishing outdoor sanctuaries.

With expert advice in tow, enthusiasts are poised to embark on a rewarding gardening journey, ensuring their green spaces thrive amidst the burgeoning season’s splendour. So, roll up your sleeves, don your gardening gloves, and embrace the boundless possibilities that spring holds for your cherished outdoor retreats. Happy gardening!

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Elliot Preece
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