Birmingham Botanical Gardens Makes Change as Bird Collection Removed for Good

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In a significant development, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens has announced the permanent removal of its cherished bird collection, a feature adored by countless visitors throughout its existence. The decision is part of a strategic shift towards prioritising horticulture and ensuring the well-being of the avian inhabitants.

Nestled within the serene environs of Westbourne Road in Edgbaston, the bird collection, housed across two aviaries with multiple enclosures, has long been a focal point of the Gardens’ allure. Among its notable inhabitants were quaker parakeets, peach-faced lovebirds, azure-winged magpies, long-tailed glossy starlings, lesser hill myna birds, white-cheeked turacos, cockatoos, and the esteemed blue and gold macaw, Bobo.

The Gardens’ management has clarified that the relocation of the birds aims to provide them with improved care and a better quality of life. By partnering with specialist bird sanctuaries endowed with the requisite expertise and resources, the avian residents will be afforded a nurturing environment conducive to their well-being and flourishing.

Commenting on the rationale behind the decision, a representative for Birmingham Botanical Gardens stated, “Our prudent choice to relocate the bird collection has been meticulously evaluated in conjunction with our values and dedication to animal welfare and conservation practices.”

Recognising the emotional bond shared by visitors, families, and staff with the avian denizens, the Gardens has extended an invitation to bid farewell to the birds before their departure. This gesture underscores the institution’s gratitude for the role the birds have played in enriching the visitor experience over the years.

Furthermore, the move underscores the Gardens’ strategic vision to refocus efforts on horticultural pursuits while reaffirming its commitment to supporting biodiversity amidst the challenges posed by climate change.

The rehoming process will see the avian residents finding new homes in specialist centres renowned for their commitment to animal welfare and conservation. Among the designated sanctuaries are the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in Lincolnshire, Birdland Park and Gardens in Gloucestershire, and Tropical Birdland in Leicestershire.

While the decision marks the end of an era for the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, it also heralds a new chapter in its commitment to fostering a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem. As the avian inhabitants embark on their journey to new sanctuaries, the Gardens remain steadfast in their mission to cultivate a thriving environment for both flora and fauna alike.

For enthusiasts and patrons of the Gardens, the impending departure of the bird collection serves as a poignant reminder of the evolving landscape of this cherished institution, where change is embraced in pursuit of a greater purpose.

In the face of uncertainty, one thing remains certain—the Birmingham Botanical Gardens continues to stand as a beacon of conservation, education, and natural beauty, poised to inspire generations to come.

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Dawn Jackson
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