New Study Shows Concerns for Brits’ Cardiovascular Health Ahead of 2023 London Marathon

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Research by pioneering supplement brand Comvita reveals concerns for Brits’ cardiovascular health ahead of the 2023 London Marathon

With days to go until the London Marathon, new research has revealed that two thirds (66%) of Brits would not be able to take on a long-distance running challenge because they aren’t physically fit enough to tackle the impressive fitness feat.

Worryingly over half (51%) experience breathlessness too easily, a quarter (30%) don’t believe their heart is strong enough to withstand the 26.2 mile run, and a fifth (20%) cited their high blood pressure as a cause for concern.

The research of 2,000 UK respondents examined Brits’ understanding of cardiovascular health, heart-healthy dietary choices, and fitness-related concerns. The findings have been released to mark the launch of Comvita®’s Olive Life™, an olive leaf extract supplement which offers a natural way to maintain normal blood pressure, support cardiovascular health and enhance wellbeing.

Two thirds (62%) of respondents cited myriad diet, lifestyle, and health-related reasons preventing them from taking on a marathon. The top concerns included:

  1. I’m not physically fit enough (66%)
  2. I get breathless easily (51%)
  3. I’m not mentally fit enough (39%)
  4. I don’t have a balanced diet (34%)
  5. My heart is not strong enough (30%)

In addition to their health and fitness concerns, the survey also revealed a knowledge gap among Brits. Many know surprisingly little about the signs of an unhealthy heart:

  • 73% weren’t aware that pain and numbness in the arms and legs can be symptoms of heart problems
  • The same number (73%) were also unaware of the fact that blurred vision and nosebleeds are signs of high blood pressure
  • Only 57% recognised chest pains/tightness as a symptom of poor cardio health
  • Less than half (49%) recognised shortness of breath as a cause for concern when it comes to matters of the heart

Diet is another area of concern. Many of those surveyed struggled to identify what foods are beneficial for their heart and blood pressure.

While more than a third (37%) identified olive oil as a heart-healthy food, fewer knew of the cardio health benefits of avocados, legumes, and lean meats. Only 18% were aware that olive leaf extract has powerful heart health benefits meaning that Brits are yet to reap the rewards of olive leaf extract’s potent oleuropein content with all the beneficial elements of olive oil in higher concentrations.

Most were able to identify foods that are not beneficial for cardiovascular health and blood pressure, although many did cite high-fat and cholesterol foods included red meat (15%) coconut oil (15%), cheese (8%) and butter (6%) as foods that could positively benefit heart health.

Comvita is on a mission to educate the UK public on heart health and raise awareness of lifestyle choices that promote cardiovascular well-being. Alongside a balanced low-fat diet, controlled cholesterol and a regular exercise routine, supplements such as Olive Life™ olive leaf extract can contribute to overall heart health.

Just two daily capsules of Olive Life™ contain enough naturally-occurring anti-oxidants and polyphenol compounds to contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure. Olive Life™, with 68mg of oleuropein per capsule, offers the same amount of olive polyphenols as 50 tablespoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil. It is 100% plant-based, non-GMO, and uses freshly harvested olive leaves traceable from the grove.

TV’s Doctor Emeka Okorocha has partnered with Olive Life™ to motivate the nation to take control of their cardio health and feel capable of taking on big fitness challenges. Dr Okorocha said:

Seek medical advice before taking olive leaf extracts alongside other medications and always follow the instructions on your product’s packaging.

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