Jeremy Haselwood Shares Tips for Navigating Layoffs and Finding Purpose

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In the midst of a wave of layoffs affecting companies worldwide, Jeremy Haselwood, a marketing consultant and author, shares valuable tips to help individuals cope with the challenges of unemployment. Having experienced a sudden job loss himself, Haselwood empathizes with those facing uncertainty and offers practical advice to navigate through the tough times.

Years ago, Haselwood found himself unexpectedly laid off from his corporate job at a marketing agency. Recounting the moment, he said, “My day started like any other normal day, but by 10:30 am I was told I have 30 minutes to pack up my desk and leave. That was it. It was over.” This abrupt loss led him on a journey of several months of unemployment, marked by the difficulties and rejections inherent in the job search process.

During this challenging period, Haselwood applied to a staggering 582 jobs and received 134 rejections, with 448 companies not even bothering to respond. The constant rejection made him feel invisible to prospective employers. His daily routine involved breakfast, an episode of The Office, and hours of searching for jobs online.

However, Haselwood’s story took a positive turn. He eventually secured a marketing position and went on to establish his own successful marketing consultancy in Atlanta. Drawing from his personal experience, he shares five tips to help others facing similar job loss:

  1. Structure Your Day: Treat the job search as a full-time job, allocating specific time blocks for job-search activities, breaks, and lunch.
  2. Create Time for Yourself: Prioritize mental health and well-being by engaging in activities you enjoy.
  3. Use Multiple Approaches: Explore various avenues for job opportunities, such as reaching out to companies directly, attending networking events, and seeking introductions from mutual colleagues.
  4. Start Your Own Business: Utilize the downtime between jobs to assess personal talents and interests and explore ways to monetize them through entrepreneurship.
  5. Remind Yourself Who You Are: Combat the mental challenges of unemployment by remembering that rejections and anxiety are not personal reflections of one’s worth. Recognize that this phase is temporary and that your skills and value remain intact.

Haselwood’s insights and personal struggles are further detailed in his book, “Finding Your EDGE: How to Unlock Your Talent & Purpose.” The book offers guidance and hope for individuals seeking to start anew or rediscover themselves during times of transition.

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