Controversial Influencer’s Unconventional Family Planning Sparks Debate

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Arthur O Urso, a prominent figure with a history of multiple marriages, has once again sparked conversation by unveiling his unconventional plans to expand his family through surrogacy. The influencer, known for his polarizing lifestyle, recently disclosed his intentions to have a child with each of his six current wives via this method.

With a social media following of 198,000 on Instagram (@arthurourso), Arthur, aged 37, has been a subject of intrigue due to his unorthodox marital setup. Having faced the dissolution of four marriages last year, he currently shares his life with six spouses: Luana Kazaki, 27, Emelly Souza, 21, Valquíria Santos, 24, Olinda Maria, 51, Damiana, 23, and Amanda Albuquerque, 28.

Opting for surrogacy to navigate the sensitive issue of choosing which wife will conceive first, Arthur expressed his excitement and eagerness to materialize his dream of expanding his family. “I don’t want any of my wives to feel overlooked, hence surrogacy seemed the fairest option,” Arthur shared with Emphasizing his anticipation mixed with nerves, he expressed his enthusiasm for this novel experience.

While Arthur has a ten-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, he now seeks to welcome a son into his expanded family. His plan involves utilizing Luana’s eggs for the initial implantation, with subsequent pregnancies using eggs from other wives.

Initially met with apprehension, the wives – Emelly, Amanda, Olinda, Damiana, and Valquíria – have now embraced the concept. Arthur highlighted their ongoing search for a surrogate, emphasizing the importance of finding someone trustworthy and dependable for this significant step. Financially prepared, the couple has allocated approximately £33,128 (211,000 BRL) for the surrogacy process but remains open to considering adoption in the future.

Arthur and Luana’s unconventional journey began in 2021 when they opted to embrace an open relationship. Though they symbolically formalized their union with the other women in a Catholic ceremony, legal constraints prevent their marriages from being officially recognized due to the illegality of polygamy in Brazil.

Their monthly income of £50,000 from OnlyFans, where they share aspects of their romantic life and offer relationship advice, hasn’t shifted the power dynamics within their relationship. Luana, the first wife, maintains authority, as reiterated by Olinda, who expressed the necessity of Luana’s approval before joining the family.

Reflecting on the dynamics among the spouses, Olinda shared her profound connection with Luana, emphasizing an inexplicable familiarity and bond that transcends this lifetime. With an overarching commitment to caring for their shared love, Arthur, she expressed the collective dedication of all wives to nurture their unconventional family unit.

Arthur’s unconventional family planning through surrogacy continues to stir debate, shedding light on evolving relationship dynamics and societal perspectives on non-traditional family structures. As the influencer community watches this unprecedented journey unfold, Arthur remains resolute in pursuing his aspiration of an expanded, unconventional yet unified family.

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