Planned 4,000-Home Development Near York Faces Removal from Selby Planning Blueprint

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A significant housing development project, Heronby, poised to bring 4,000 homes to the vicinity south of York, is encountering a potential setback. The proposed settlement, earmarked for land close to Stillingfleet, is facing removal from the planning blueprint for the Selby area, as revealed by North Yorkshire Council’s executive members on February 6th.

The decision to reconsider Heronby stems from mounting concerns surrounding its potential impact on local highways. Despite concerted efforts, authorities have been unable to resolve these issues satisfactorily at this stage. Consequently, it has been proposed that the development be stricken from the plan, with a call for further consultations.

In lieu of the Heronby development, the executive members are advocating for the inclusion of four new sites for housing. These sites, located in Eggborough, Hambleton, North Duffield, and Hensall, could collectively accommodate 301 homes. The executive member for open for business affirmed this shift, stating, “The revised plan recommends removing the Heronby settlement proposal and adding in new allocations for housing in the villages of Hambleton, North Duffield, Hensall, and Eggborough.”

Moreover, alterations to the policy’s language have been proposed to address concerns raised during previous consultations. Should these recommendations be approved by the full council, they will undergo further scrutiny as part of the consultation process before final approval is sought from councillors.

The Local Plan serves as a foundational document outlining development objectives and strategies for the former Selby area. It delineates areas designated for development and establishes criteria against which planning applications will be evaluated.

Pending approval, the proposed consultation for Selby area developments is scheduled to span six weeks, running from March 8th to April 19th.

The Heronby project, envisaged to accommodate 4,000 homes by 2060, along with associated amenities such as shops, schools, workspaces, parks, and public spaces, has been a focal point of contention. Originally endorsed by the now-defunct Selby District Council as the preferred single settlement option for inclusion in the forthcoming Local Plan, Heronby has encountered opposition from the City of York Council.

The proximity of Heronby to the York council boundary, approximately 1km away, has been a bone of contention, prompting concerns regarding traffic impact on key routes such as the A19 and Naburn Lane. A report from York council asserted that traffic implications had been underestimated by the former Selby council and Heronby developer, Escrick Park Estates.

However, a representative of Turnberry Consulting, speaking on behalf of the Heronby project, contended that significant highways improvements would accompany the development, making it a feasible long-term proposition. The representative emphasised Heronby’s design as a walkable community, equipped with amenities and services within walking distance. Moreover, they highlighted the presence of the Trans-Pennine cycle route, offering safe cycling options for commuters to York or Selby.

Proposed improvements to the A19 include substantial upgrades to junctions at Skipwith Road, Crockey Hill, and the A64, which connects to the York Designer Outlet park-and-ride facility.

The fate of Heronby now hangs in the balance, pending further deliberations and consultations. While its removal from the planning blueprint signals a potential shift in development priorities, the proposed alternative sites signify a continued commitment to addressing housing needs in the Selby area.

As the consultation period looms, stakeholders and residents await the outcomes of these deliberations, which will profoundly shape the future landscape and development trajectory of the region.

Danielle Trigg
Danielle Trigg
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