Campaigner Demands Clarity on Affordable Housing Amidst Growing Concerns

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Amidst a burgeoning housing crisis, questions regarding the definition of “affordable housing” have taken centre stage, prompting calls for clarity from local authorities. A prominent housing campaigner deeply involved with community initiatives such as Hove Gold and Sussex Homeless Support has raised pertinent queries regarding the accessibility of housing in Brighton and Hove.

During a recent session of the Housing and New Homes Committee, the campaigner sought to unravel the ambiguity surrounding the term “affordable housing” and its correlation with average household incomes in the region. As the committee deliberated over the council’s “draft housing strategy,” the campaigner pressed for elucidation on the concrete measures being taken to bolster the availability of lower-cost homes in the area.

The council’s housing strategy, as outlined in a report to councillors, acknowledged the formidable challenge of striking a balance between market-rate and affordable housing amidst mounting pressure on development land. Emphasising the imperative of catering to the diverse needs of communities, the report underscored the council’s commitment to leveraging all available mechanisms to augment the stock of affordable homes.

In response to the campaigner’s inquiries regarding the scope of interventions encapsulated by the term “full range of levers,” councillors pointed to the prevailing national policy. According to this policy, “affordable homes” are delineated as those rented out at a rate at least 20 per cent below the local market rate. A spokesperson for the Housing and New Homes Committee acknowledged the limitations of this benchmark, particularly in a city like Brighton and Hove, where exorbitant private sector rents skew the affordability spectrum.

The spokesperson underscored efforts to align rents with housing allowances, akin to housing benefit, urging housing associations and registered providers to offer homes at social rent levels whenever feasible. Expressing dissatisfaction with the prevailing trend of pegging rents at 80 per cent of market rates, the spokesperson championed the provision of homes at social rent as the gold standard, citing the successful example of Denham Place in Coldean, where 127 homes have been made available at social rent, a development hailed as a model to emulate.

Despite strides made in bolstering affordable housing through council-led initiatives, the spokesperson stressed the imperative of extending efforts to the private sector. With new residents set to move into the recently completed flats in Coldean, and plans underway for the construction of 200 additional council homes in Moulsecoomb, the council remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing the pressing housing needs of the community.

The issue of affordable housing continues to loom large, underscoring the urgency for concerted action and policy recalibration to ensure equitable access to housing for all segments of society. As stakeholders grapple with the multifaceted challenges posed by the housing crisis, the imperative of fostering collaborative partnerships between public and private entities emerges as a linchpin in the quest for sustainable solutions. Looking ahead, the efficacy of measures aimed at expanding the affordable housing stock will be closely scrutinised, with the ultimate litmus test being the tangible improvement in housing affordability and accessibility on the ground.

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Dawn Jackson
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