Southampton Council Unveils Increase in Adult Social Care Costs

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Southampton City Council has disclosed intentions to implement rises in charges for adult social care, affecting individuals dependent on the council’s services for assistance. The decision arises amidst financial constraints, aiming to generate approximately £200,000 in savings.

Responding to the city council’s urgent need to address a budget shortfall of £15 million, fresh charges will be introduced for transport and non-residential care services. These charges will apply to individuals who do not qualify for funding support.

The council clarified that the transportation services mainly cater to day care needs, ferrying individuals to and from their designated destinations. Notably, while many neighbouring councils, including Hampshire and Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole, already impose charges for transportation, Southampton had previously offered this service free of charge.

Furthermore, fees for non-residential care, typically provided within individuals’ homes, will see an increase starting from April. This adjustment follows a recalibration in the calculation of care costs, with the council asserting that affected individuals were previously charged below their maximum affordable threshold.

With approximately 2,654 users registered with the council as of July 2023, a significant portion, totalling 1,659 individuals, are recipients of non-residential care services. In light of these changes, the council plans to review care provisions for customers facing the highest charges and experiencing substantial increases.

The anticipated savings from these adjustments are projected to range between £250,000 and £450,000, contributing to the council’s medium-term financial strategy.

Council representatives stressed the necessity of these measures in addressing the financial challenges faced by the authority while ensuring the sustainability of essential social care services. They emphasized that despite the adjustments, efforts would be made to mitigate the impact on vulnerable individuals, with a commitment to reviewing provisions for those facing the most significant financial burdens.

The announcement has elicited mixed reactions from residents and stakeholders, with concerns raised regarding the potential strain on already stretched budgets for individuals receiving social care. Advocacy groups have called for transparency and clarity in the implementation of these changes, urging the council to prioritize the needs of vulnerable members of the community.

As Southampton City Council moves forward with its plans to revise adult social care charges, the focus remains on balancing financial prudence with the imperative to deliver vital support services. The coming months will likely see ongoing dialogue and scrutiny surrounding the implementation and impact of these adjustments on the community, highlighting the ongoing challenges in navigating the complexities of social care provision amidst fiscal constraints.

Elliot Preece
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