UK Charity Launches Search for Outstanding Postgraduate Student Researching Cancer with £12,000 Funding Opportunity

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Red Trouser Day, a UK bowel/colorectal cancer charity, is calling on postgraduate research students in the country to apply for a prestigious funding opportunity. The charity, which relies solely on volunteers, aims to award up to £12,000 to an exceptional student conducting research on cancer. With a deadline of August 31, 2023, time is of the essence for aspiring applicants.

Bowel cancer, the third most common cancer globally and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths resulting in nearly one million fatalities annually, remains a significant public health concern. Paul Finch, founder of Red Trouser Day, emphasizes the importance of research in improving cancer treatment and ultimately eradicating the disease. “Our award is open to all postgraduate students whose research can impact bowel cancer outcomes,” says Finch.

Established in 2017, Red Trouser Day relies on the dedication and efforts of volunteers, many of whom have personally experienced the impact of bowel cancer. Speaking on behalf of the volunteers, Finch states, “We believe there is an exceptional student out there within one of the UK’s excellent universities. By making this search public, we hope to support a deserving student in their bowel cancer research through this substantial bursary.”

Recognizing the growing challenges faced by postgraduate students in securing research funding, Red Trouser Day has prioritized this award. The charity allocates 95% of the funds raised (excluding event costs) to sponsor research and awareness initiatives. Finch highlights the financial constraints commonly encountered by postgraduate students, asserting, “By freeing just one student from these constraints, we could make a significant impact on the fight against cancer. With the freedom to focus entirely on developing new solutions, that talented individual could potentially uncover groundbreaking insights.”

Last year, the Red Trouser Day award provided crucial support to an exceptional research student at City, University of London. Prior to receiving the bursary, she had been juggling two part-time jobs to cover her living expenses. This funding allowed her to concentrate solely on her vital work in the field of bowel cancer research.

This year, the award will be granted to a student whose research exhibits promise in advancing the understanding of bowel cancer, contributing to prevention, early detection, or treatment of colorectal cancer, in line with the charity’s objectives.

In addition to the main award, two discretionary awards are available to further assist students. An undergraduate and postgraduate travel award, worth £500, is open to students conducting cancer research worldwide. The bursary can be utilized to fund travel expenses for attending conferences, seminars, or visits to the UK to advance bowel cancer research. Furthermore, a research consumables award of up to £1,000 will be provided to support necessary materials for research projects.

All applications must be submitted by August 31, 2023.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact the Red Trouser Day Press Office at

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