‘Tis the Season of Surges: Emergency Departments Brace for Christmas Rush

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As the festive season descends upon us, bringing joy, laughter, and the unmistakable scent of mulled wine, emergency departments across the UK are gearing up for their annual Christmas rush. While Christmas day itself may witness a temporary dip in A&E attendances, the days that follow reveal a surge in emergency room visits, with the numbers escalating by approximately 4% each year.

The complex interplay of factors contributes to this yuletide influx. A key element is the reduced availability of primary care during the holidays, a pattern echoed during the Easter season. Additionally, the inability to access general practitioners prompts patients to seek care in emergency departments, creating a perfect storm of heightened demand coupled with a strained medical workforce.

Christmas, often synonymous with indulgence, sees an uptick in cases related to overconsumption of food, alcohol, and sometimes, drugs. The festive spirit sometimes takes a spirited turn, leading to alcohol-related attendances that can account for up to 70% of A&E visits during public holidays. Alcohol intoxication not only poses a significant burden on emergency departments but also presents challenges in managing unruly patients and monitoring those rendered unconscious.

Overindulgence extends beyond alcohol, as festive feasts contribute to cases of acid reflux, mimicking symptoms akin to a heart attack. While food-related attendances exist, they pale in comparison to the staggering numbers associated with alcohol misuse.

Accidents, an unwelcome guest during the holidays, manifest in unexpected ways. From the threat posed by Christmas presents, such as electric scooters causing collisions and lithium battery-related fires, to the surprising hazards of artificial Christmas trees – which carry a sixfold higher risk of injury compared to real ones – emergency departments find themselves addressing a myriad of seasonal mishaps.

Christmas, despite its proclamation as the season of goodwill, witnesses a darker side with an increase in incidents of violence. Alcohol often plays a role in these assaults, occurring both within families and in the broader community. The emergency department becomes a hub for the aftermath of such incidents, including an unfortunate rise in sexual assault and domestic violence cases.

The festive season, marked by togetherness for many, can be a time of profound loneliness for others. This emotional toll contributes to an increase in individuals feeling desperate and, in some cases, resorting to self-harm. The strain on psychiatric services becomes palpable during this period, exacerbated by reduced staffing levels, leaving patients waiting longer for the support they desperately need.

In the realm of heart-wrenching scenarios, emergency departments bear witness to a particularly egregious phenomenon known as “granny dumping.” Families, seeking respite from caregiving responsibilities, bring elderly relatives to A&E, falsely claiming they require hospital admission. This heartless act, seen widely in emergency departments, sheds light on the darker side of the holiday season.

Despite the challenges, emergency departments persevere, ensuring that immediate treatment is provided to those in need. While the festive season brings its share of preventable mishaps, it is important to remember that the majority of emergency presentations are not a result of human folly. The dedicated healthcare professionals working through the holidays continue to provide vital services, embodying the spirit of care and compassion even in the face of seasonal surges.

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