Plymouth Bars Equip Life-Saving Bleed Kits

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In a significant step towards enhancing public safety, ten bars in Plymouth have been outfitted with life-saving bleed kits, thanks to an initiative by the Best Bar None accreditation scheme. This move aims to ensure that night-time venues are better prepared to handle emergencies, thereby safeguarding patrons.

Best Bar None, an accreditation scheme endorsed by the Home Office and supported by the drinks industry and the hospitality sector, seeks to promote responsible management of alcohol-licensed premises. The scheme’s objective is to create safer social environments, particularly in the night-time economy.

In 2018, Best Bar None Plymouth garnered national recognition for making Plymouth one of the safest cities for a night out, a testament to the collaborative efforts between local agencies. The initiative was praised for its effectiveness in reducing injuries in the city’s night-time venues, highlighting the success of coordinated safety measures.

The latest enhancement to these safety measures involves the introduction of RAPAID bleed kits. The idea was inspired by the charity RAPAID’s efforts to donate these kits to taxis at Plymouth train station. These kits are equipped with military-style bandages and housed in paramedic-grade, anti-microbial bags.

Plymouth joins other cities such as London, Manchester, Exeter, Swindon, and Oxford in integrating these kits into their safety infrastructure. After assessing various options, it was determined that RAPAID’s kits were the optimal choice for Plymouth’s bars. The eight-year shelf life and user-friendly design of the RAPAID kits, which require no medical training to use, were key factors in this decision.

A representative of the scheme expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, noting that keeping customers safe in bars and nightclubs is a top priority for venues. Installing RAPAID kits in as many certified bars and venues as possible was seen as a strong support towards this goal.

Among the ten venues now equipped with these kits are the student union building at Plymouth University and Revolution at Derry’s Cross. Venue managers have expressed strong support for the initiative, recognising the potential of these kits to mitigate the impact of accidents and incidents.

The Deputy General Manager at Revolution Plymouth commented on the importance of the initiative, emphasizing that it helps ensure the venue remains a safe place for socialising. Having the RAPAID kit on hand means that in the event of a serious bleeding incident, staff can quickly and effectively manage the situation until emergency services arrive.

The introduction of Martyn’s Law, which mandates greater security measures in public venues, was also highlighted. The manager stressed that being prepared for emergencies has never been more critical, and they expressed gratitude for the support provided by Best Bar None and RAPAID.

A co-founder of RAPAID personally delivered the kits to Plymouth, providing training on their use. They expressed gratitude to Best Bar None for their commitment to enhancing safety in Plymouth’s nightlife.

RAPAID’s representative said that the presence of these kits in bars and clubs provides reassurance that immediate first aid is available should anything go wrong, marking a significant step forward in community safety.

The introduction of these kits is a proactive measure, reflecting a broader commitment to public safety. The funds generated from the purchase of these kits will be reinvested into producing more kits for deployment in taxis and other venues across the UK.

Bars, clubs, and other venues interested in acquiring their own RAPAID emergency bandage kits can do so through the charity’s online shop. Donations to support RAPAID’s mission are also welcomed.

In conclusion, the deployment of bleed kits in Plymouth’s bars is a commendable effort towards ensuring a safer night-time environment. As other cities take note, this initiative could well set a precedent for emergency preparedness in nightlife venues nationwide.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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