Concerns Mount Over Rat Infestation in Cardiff: Surge in Call-outs Reported by Council and Companies

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The streets of Cardiff are grappling with a growing challenge as reports of rat sightings and pest control call-outs surge, according to recent figures released by Cardiff Council. Data covering the period from January 2022 to December 2023 indicates a significant increase in pest control call-outs to council-owned buildings, surpassing 100 instances.

While private bookings to the council’s pest control service experienced a slight decline during the same period, a resurgence in January 2024 suggests a troubling trend. This increase is not confined to the council’s services, as private pest control companies operating within Cardiff also report a rise in call-outs.

According to the council’s statistics, recorded instances of rat sightings climbed from 289 in 2022 to 306 in 2023. However, private bookings to the council for pest control decreased from 1,414 in 2022 to 1,381 in 2023. Conversely, call-outs to council buildings rose from 928 to 1,078 within the same timeframe.

A representative of Artemis pest control service highlighted that the surge in call-outs extends beyond Cardiff, indicating a nationwide phenomenon. Rodents were identified as the primary concern, with the spokesperson stating, “We receive requests for various pest issues, but rodents are typically the most common.”

Similarly, Arrow Pest Services, serving Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan, noted an increase in service demands.

Responding to the escalating situation, Cardiff Council issued advice to residents, urging proactive measures to mitigate rat infestations. Recommendations include maintaining property integrity by sealing holes, ensuring intact vents, and preserving functional drainage systems. Additionally, residents are encouraged to eliminate potential nesting sites by maintaining cleanliness in yards and gardens, while refraining from inadvertently feeding rats through bird or animal feeding practices.

A council spokesperson stressed the importance of proper waste disposal, emphasising the use of food waste caddies and cautioning against leaving household waste accessible to vermin. Measures to prevent scavenging, such as rinsing recyclable materials before disposal, were also advised.

Furthermore, the council reassured residents of their commitment to addressing sewer-related issues contributing to rodent sightings. A paid-for service is available to assist residents in eradicating rats from their homes, demonstrating the council’s dedication to tackling the issue comprehensively.

For residents seeking further guidance or information on Cardiff Council’s Pest Control Service, avenues for communication such as phone and email have been provided.

The surge in rat sightings and pest control call-outs underscores the importance of proactive pest management practices. With collaborative efforts between residents, private companies, and local authorities, mitigating the spread of infestations and ensuring public health and safety remains a shared priority.

As Cardiff grapples with this challenge, ongoing vigilance and community engagement will be essential in curbing the rise of rat infestations and fostering a cleaner, safer environment for all residents.

For now, the council’s advice stands as a beacon of proactive prevention, aiming to stem the tide of rodent-related concerns while fostering a culture of responsible waste management and environmental stewardship.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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