Compass Health Center Launches Comprehensive Program to Address Chronic Pain and Mental Health

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Compass Health Center, a leading healthcare provider, is taking proactive steps to raise awareness about chronic pain and bridge the gap between physical and mental well-being. A recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Health has highlighted the increasing prevalence of chronic pain in the United States, surpassing other chronic conditions such as diabetes and depression. In response, Compass Health Center has launched a comprehensive program dedicated to providing essential resources and support to individuals affected by chronic pain and associated mental health challenges.

According to the study, chronic pain affects approximately one-fifth of adults in the US, with alarming numbers of individuals newly experiencing this condition each year. To address this growing concern, Compass Health Center is offering a specialized program that focuses on mental health, chronic pain, and illness. By providing prompt access to comprehensive assessments and personalized treatment plans, the center aims to help individuals effectively manage their pain and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

The link between mental health and chronic pain has been widely recognized, and mental health treatment has proven to be a promising but often underused approach. Dr. Shirvalkar, cited in The New York Times article “New Cases of Chronic Pain Outnumber Those of Diabetes or Depression, Study Shows,” emphasizes the significance of mental health professionals in reframing how individuals relate to their pain and bodily cues.

Compass Health Center acknowledges the complexity of chronic pain and the need to address both the physical and emotional aspects of the condition. The center’s team of experts collaborates to provide holistic care tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Laura Robinson, LCPC, Director of Mental Health, Pain, & Illness Program at Compass Health Center, emphasizes the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain management, stating, “Our team of experts collaborates to provide holistic care that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of pain, ensuring that individuals receive comprehensive support tailored to their unique needs.”

James Drake, LCPC, Primary Therapist at Compass Health Center, highlights the goal of raising awareness, breaking down stigmas, and providing necessary support and resources to individuals and their families affected by chronic pain. The center’s comprehensive program and educational initiatives aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage their pain while addressing the mental health aspects often associated with chronic pain.

Patients at Compass Health Center often express the challenge of balancing their mental and physical health. Self-care and self-advocacy are essential skills for coping with chronic pain and illness, positively impacting both mental and physical well-being, according to Drake.

Compass Health Center encourages individuals living with chronic pain and their loved ones to explore the available resources and support. By seeking help, individuals can gain valuable insights, receive personalized treatment plans, and connect with a compassionate community dedicated to their overall well-being.

About Compass Health Center: Compass Health Center is a leading healthcare provider dedicated to addressing chronic pain and associated mental health challenges. Their comprehensive program focuses on providing personalized care and resources to individuals affected by chronic pain, offering a multidisciplinary approach that considers both the physical and emotional aspects of the condition. With a commitment to raising awareness, breaking down stigmas, and providing essential support, Compass Health Center strives to empower individuals and their families to effectively manage their pain and improve their overall quality of life.

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