Former Celebrity Chef’s Pub in Oxfordshire Under Fire for Food Hygiene Issues

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A well-known pub in Sonning Common, Oxfordshire, previously owned by a popular TV chef, has faced sharp criticism from inspectors due to its inadequate food hygiene standards.

Located on Gallowstree Road near Henley, the pub underwent scrutiny by the South Oxfordshire District Council’s Environmental Health team on Friday, May 31.

Inspectors were unimpressed with their findings, awarding the establishment a disappointing two-star rating out of five. They highlighted significant concerns regarding the handling of food hygiene practices, emphasizing the urgent need for improvements in food preparation, cooking, reheating, cooling, and storage procedures.

While the cleanliness and overall condition of the facilities and building were deemed ‘generally satisfactory’, with appropriate layout, ventilation, handwashing facilities, and pest control measures in place, the inspection revealed notable deficiencies in crucial aspects of food safety management at the venue.

The management’s approach to ensuring food safety, as evaluated during the unannounced visit, also received the same mediocre rating. This aspect assesses whether effective systems and checks are in place to ensure that food served or sold meets safety standards, as well as the level of staff awareness regarding food safety protocols and the confidence of the environmental health team in the venue’s ability to maintain consistent standards in the future.

The former owner of the pub, who had relinquished ownership in the autumn of 2023, has not publicly responded to the inspection findings or the subsequent rating.

The inspection outcome serves as a reminder of the stringent standards enforced by local authorities concerning food hygiene and safety across hospitality establishments in the region. Such assessments are crucial in safeguarding public health and ensuring that patrons can dine with confidence in the cleanliness and safety of their food.

Local residents and frequent visitors to the pub expressed mixed reactions to the inspection results. While some were dismayed by the reported lapses in hygiene, others expressed hope that the rating would prompt swift and effective corrective actions by the current management.

In response to the inspection findings, a spokesperson for the pub assured the public of their commitment to promptly addressing the identified shortcomings. They outlined plans to collaborate closely with environmental health officials to implement robust measures aimed at enhancing food safety practices and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Looking ahead, the pub management remains optimistic about restoring confidence among patrons and stakeholders. They have pledged transparency in communicating progress towards achieving higher food hygiene standards and reiterated their dedication to upholding exemplary levels of cleanliness and safety across all operations.

As authorities continue to monitor compliance and adherence to food safety regulations, the outcome of future inspections will be closely observed by both local residents and the broader hospitality industry. The case underscores the ongoing importance of rigorous oversight and continuous improvement in maintaining public health standards within food service establishments.

For now, patrons and supporters of the pub await updates on the implementation of corrective measures and hope for a swift turnaround that will once again establish the venue as a trusted destination for dining and socializing in Sonning Common.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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