Council Tax Hike Given Go-Ahead Despite Opposition’s Plea for Freeze

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South Cambridgeshire District Council has given the green light to a council tax rise despite facing calls for a freeze from opposing groups.

In a decision sparking debate, South Cambridgeshire District Council has opted to raise council tax by about £5 per year. This move comes despite calls for a tax freeze, with the council justifying its decision by citing challenging financial circumstances. The council argues that despite these challenges, its financial standing remains robust.

The approved increase translates to a Band D household paying £170.31 annually to the authority, a figure that has stirred mixed reactions among residents.

During a recent full council meeting held on February 27, a spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, serving as the lead cabinet member for finance, addressed the decision. They acknowledged the difficult backdrop against which the budget was set, citing factors such as a growing population, inflation-driven cost escalations, and a national homelessness crisis impacting the district. However, they underscored the council’s commitment to responsible financial management, noting that the proposed increase amounts to a modest rise of £5 for the year, equating to approximately 10 pence per week for residents. The spokesperson further outlined plans for key investments in community initiatives, including the recruitment of additional environmental enforcement officers to combat fly-tipping and increased support for the development of neighbourhood plans.

Conversely, a representative for the Conservative opposition group expressed reservations about the council’s decision. While acknowledging areas of the budget they supported, they emphasised the need for a council tax freeze. The representative highlighted the financial strain faced by residents, asserting that freezing council tax would demonstrate solidarity and support for those grappling with financial hardships, particularly amidst economic uncertainties such as the implementation of controversial measures like the four-day workweek.

In addition to advocating for a tax freeze, the Conservative group called for the hiring of more planning enforcement officers and environmental enforcement officers to address pressing issues like fly-tipping. Despite the administration’s proposal to recruit two additional enforcement officers, concerns remained regarding the adequacy of resources allocated to tackle such challenges effectively.

The Conservative representative proposed funding these initiatives through reallocating resources from the council’s transformation plans and discontinuing the four-day workweek trial. However, a spokesperson for the district council dismissed these suggestions as “irresponsible,” arguing that they would lead to service reductions and impede the council’s ability to generate realistic savings.

Moreover, the spokesperson highlighted the council’s existing support measures, including a 100 per cent council tax discount for individuals with the lowest incomes in the district. Despite the Conservative amendment failing to garner sufficient support, the administration’s budget, inclusive of the council tax increase, secured approval from a majority of councillors.

The decision reflects the council’s balancing act between addressing financial pressures and meeting community needs, with both proponents and opponents advocating for strategies they deem most beneficial for residents. As the approved budget takes effect, the impact of the council tax increase and the efficacy of accompanying initiatives will be closely monitored, shaping future discussions on fiscal policy and public service provision in South Cambridgeshire.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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