Triple Shooting Triggers Showcase Cinema Lockdown – Merseyside Police Declares Major Incident

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Norris Green and Croxteth were plunged into turmoil on Wednesday night as a lone gunman discharged gunfire at three distinct locations. Promptly responding to the triple shooting, Merseyside Police enforced the lockdown of Showcase Cinema, initiating a major incident response. The incident transpired at the News and Booze store on Lower House Lane, Norris Green, the Showcase Cinema on East Lancashire Road, and a residence on Malpas Road, Croxteth.

Reports indicate that the unidentified gunman, still at large during the incidents, discharged shots at the News and Booze store, locally known as Sangha’s newsagents, at approximately 8:30 pm. The assailant then turned his attention to the Showcase Cinema at 8:50 pm, before targeting a house on Malpas Road. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, leading authorities to assert that the events were not linked to terrorism.

Following the incidents, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Merseyside issued a stern warning and expressed appreciation for the swift response of law enforcement and the cooperation of the public during the cinema lockdown.

The PCC stated, “The three firearms incidents in Norris Green and Croxteth last night were deeply concerning, and my thoughts are with the staff at both the News and Booze Store and the Showcase Cinema, as well as members of the public who were inside as events unfolded, and those living in and around Malpas Road.”

Despite the distressing scenes, the PCC underscored that the police’s rapid action in securing the Showcase Cinema played a crucial role in ensuring public safety. She commended the police and partner organizations for their effective handling of the swiftly evolving and challenging situation.

She further commented, “Thankfully, nobody was hurt, and I want to express my gratitude to Merseyside Police officers and our partner organizations for their response to a fast-moving and challenging situation.”

A 49-year-old individual from Fazakerley was apprehended approximately eight hours after the initial shots were fired. When Armed Response Officers executed warrants at around 4:46 am, the suspect displayed aggression, leading to the deployment of a Taser. The arrested individual is currently held in custody on suspicion of possession of a Section 1 firearm with intent to endanger life and robbery.

The PCC urged individuals affected by the incident to seek support, emphasizing the importance of avoiding the sharing of information online that may hinder the ongoing investigation or cause unnecessary harm to the community.

She added, “I would also urge anybody impacted by last night’s events to contact Victim Care Merseyside. Our hub has specially trained staff who can provide free, confidential advice and support and can assist with a range of tailored support services for those affected by crime.”

In a resolute tone, the PCC asserted that firearms have no place on the streets of Merseyside. She acknowledged the significant reduction in firearms incidents across the region but emphasized the relentless commitment of Merseyside Police to eliminate dangerous weapons from the streets.

“The investigation is ongoing, and an arrest has been made, so I would appeal to everybody to refrain from sharing anything online that may hamper proceedings or bring unnecessary harm or distress to innocent members of our community,” cautioned the PCC.

Concluding her statement, she implored the public to assist law enforcement in their pursuit of those involved in gun crime, urging them to report any relevant information to Merseyside Police or Crimestoppers anonymously at 0800 555 111. The appeal reinforced the collective responsibility to maintain the safety and security of the community while supporting the ongoing efforts to curb gun-related incidents in the region.

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