The Cinderford Rusty Pole: Gloucestershire’s Unconventional Gem

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Nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, a distinctive landmark has quietly caught the eye of locals and tourists alike – the Cinderford Rusty Pole. While the region is celebrated for its natural splendour and historical richness, this unassuming sewer vent pipe has surprisingly become a star, causing a stir on platforms such as Tripadvisor.

Erect on Littledean Road, the Cinderford Rusty Pole has become a talking point for those seeking a unique and offbeat experience. Surrounded by verdant fields, this unconventional attraction provokes contemplation on humanity’s impact on the environment. Reviews on Tripadvisor, an unlikely platform for such an attraction, depict an extraordinary destination.

Described as “remarkable,” “captivating,” and “transformative,” the Cinderford Rusty Pole has ignited fascination and curiosity. Its peculiar charm goes beyond a mere oddity, with some enthusiasts even suggesting it as an ideal spot for a day out with colleagues.

A Tripadvisor user, identifying themselves as a member of the UK Pole Society, lauded the structure as a “landmark with historical significance.” Celebrating their 40th birthday at the site, they shared, “Throughout my four decades on this marvellous planet, I’ve admired countless poles made of various materials, but this one stands out as possibly the finest. The intricate detailing at the base of the pole is particularly impressive, with a slender yet robust shaft and a top so elegantly finished that only the most skilled craftsmen could have achieved it on this land.”

The Cinderford Rusty Pole has even hosted unconventional corporate outings. A reviewer recounted, “I took our team here for a lunch and learn. They were sceptical, but once it came into view, they understood. Scotch eggs were enjoyed, the pole was a constant presence, and we all gained a new perspective on life. This is one work outing the team will reminisce about for years to come.”

However, not all reviews have been glowing. One dissenting voice on Tripadvisor cautioned potential visitors, dismissing the Cinderford Rusty Pole as nothing more than a sewer vent pipe and deeming it not particularly unusual. In a straightforward critique, they pooh-poohed the entire attraction, advising others not to be misled.

Despite the lone criticism, the Cinderford Rusty Pole seems to have carved a unique niche for itself among Gloucestershire’s attractions. Its ability to evoke varied reactions, from awestruck admiration to outright scepticism, only adds to its mystique.

Some enthusiasts have gone so far as to draw parallels, perhaps in a light-hearted manner, between the Cinderford Rusty Pole and iconic structures like the pyramids. While such comparisons might be taken with a grain of humour, they underscore the unexpected allure this unassuming sewer vent pipe holds for those willing to embrace the offbeat.

The Cinderford Rusty Pole’s presence on Google Maps further solidifies its status as a noteworthy landmark, inviting curious travellers to explore this distinctive facet of the Forest of Dean. As it continues to gain recognition as an unconventional tourist attraction, only time will reveal if the Cinderford Rusty Pole secures its place as a must-see destination, proving that beauty and fascination can indeed be discovered in the most unexpected places.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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