Plymouth City Centre Redevelopment Faces Setback as Car Park Extension Gains Approval

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Progress on the ambitious redevelopment plans for Plymouth City Centre has encountered a hurdle, with ongoing delays impeding the realization of a proposed hotel, residential units, and multi-storey car park at Derry’s Cross. Despite receiving planning permission for a diverse development encompassing a 150-bedroom hotel, 90 residential units, a 300-car multi-storey car park, and two commercial units, there is little indication that construction will commence in the near future.

The site, located in close proximity to the Athenaeum, currently comprises a western and eastern zone, both authorized for use as temporary ‘pay and display’ car parks. With the commencement of development seemingly distant, an application has been submitted to extend the temporary use of the western zone for an additional two years. Concurrently, the eastern zone has been granted planning consent to continue its operation as a car park for an additional two years.

Addressing the lack of progress, the developers note in a statement accompanying the planning application, “There are no indications that the permitted development will proceed for some time. Therefore, the proposal is to utilize the application site for car parking for an additional temporary period of two years.” The statement underscores the necessity of this temporary use to uphold the site’s security, cleanliness, and tidiness.

Acknowledging that extended use as a car park is less than ideal, the statement justifies the extension, emphasizing that the site holds potential for high-quality mixed-use development and falls within a Zone of Opportunity for Tall Buildings. Despite the sluggish pace of progress in achieving the full development, proponents argue that the two-year temporary consent aligns with Local Plan policy.

“The continued utilization of the application site for car parking for an additional two years will ensure that the site is maintained securely, clean, and tidy, benefiting the appearance of the area and neighbouring uses,” the statement explains. It further asserts that the temporary car park will assist in mitigating the loss of 794 parking spaces resulting from the demolition and redevelopment of Mayflower West car park, as well as spaces lost due to the redevelopment of nearby Colin Campbell Court.

Striving to strike a balance between the advantages of the proposed development and the immediate need for parking facilities, the statement contends that the temporary car park is a compatible use for the site. It emphasizes the importance of sustaining a clean and secure environment in the city centre, asserting that this will enhance the appeal of the area to shoppers and facilitate access to cultural amenities, restaurants, pubs, and shops in close proximity to the site.

The news of the extended car park use has prompted varied reactions among locals, with some expressing frustration over the apparent stagnation of the redevelopment plans. Concerns have been raised about the potential impact of prolonged construction delays on the overall revitalization of the city centre and the economic benefits the proposed development could bring.

While supporters of the extension argue that it offers a pragmatic solution to the immediate parking needs in the city centre, critics fear that the delay in the commencement of the major redevelopment could undermine the long-term vision for Plymouth’s urban development.

The City Council is anticipated to review the application for the extended use of the western zone as a temporary car park. As the community eagerly awaits a resolution, the fate of Plymouth City Centre’s ambitious redevelopment project remains uncertain, leaving residents and businesses in suspense regarding the transformation of the Derry’s Cross site into a vibrant hub for residents and visitors alike.

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Danielle Trigg
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