Maestro: Netflix Film Featuring Ely Cathedral Nominated for Multiple Academy Awards

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In a noteworthy acknowledgement of cinematic excellence, the Netflix film ‘Maestro,’ starring Bradley Cooper, has secured a place on the shortlist for several prestigious Academy Awards. The biopic, revolving around the life of American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, prominently features the historic Ely Cathedral, where pivotal scenes were filmed over three nights in October 2022.

Bradley Cooper takes on the role of Leonard Bernstein, and in a captivating six-minute scene, he conducts the London Symphony Orchestra performing Mahler’s ‘Resurrection’ Symphony within the awe-inspiring confines of Ely Cathedral. This moment in the film pays homage to Bernstein’s own history, as he once conducted the same symphony in the very same location. Ely Cathedral was specifically chosen after Bernstein studied it during his time at Harvard University.

The film’s recognition extends across various categories, with a notable presence in the Academy Award shortlist:

  1. Best Picture
  2. Best Actor (Bradley Cooper)
  3. Best Actress (Carey Mulligan)
  4. Best Original Screenplay
  5. Best Cinematography
  6. Best Makeup and Hairstyling
  7. Best Sound

The inclusion of Ely Cathedral in ‘Maestro’ has not only added a visual and historical dimension to the film but has also garnered appreciation from the cathedral itself. A spokesperson for Ely Cathedral expressed delight at the film’s multiple Oscar nominations, stating, “It’s delightful to see the Maestro film being nominated for so many Oscars today, including best picture, cinematography, original screenplay, actor, and actress.”

The spokesperson highlighted the significance of Ely Cathedral in the film, emphasizing that it served as the backdrop for the re-creation of Bernstein’s original performance of Mahler’s Second Symphony in 1973. This connection between the film and the historical event adds a layer of authenticity to the cinematic portrayal of Bernstein’s life.

The recognition of ‘Maestro’ in multiple Oscar categories speaks not only to the compelling storytelling and acting but also to the film’s technical excellence, evident in its cinematography and sound design. Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Leonard Bernstein has earned him a well-deserved nomination for Best Actor, while Carey Mulligan’s performance has secured her a nomination for Best Actress.

The Academy Awards have a history of acknowledging films that skilfully blend storytelling, cinematography, and sound to create a memorable cinematic experience. ‘Maestro’ appears to have successfully achieved this blend, as reflected in its nominations across various categories.

As the anticipation builds for the awards ceremony, film enthusiasts and critics alike are eager to see how ‘Maestro’ will fare against its competition. The film’s recognition by the Academy serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the cast and crew in bringing Leonard Bernstein’s life to the big screen with authenticity and cinematic flair.

In conclusion, the shortlisting of ‘Maestro’ for multiple Academy Awards, coupled with its connection to the iconic Ely Cathedral, marks a significant achievement in the world of cinema. The film’s success is not only a celebration of its artistic merit but also a nod to the historical and cultural significance of the locations chosen for its production. As the Oscars approach, the spotlight is firmly on ‘Maestro,’ and its journey to the awards ceremony promises to be as compelling as the film itself.

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