Liverpool’s Landmarks Illuminate Orange in Global Stand Against Gender-Based Violence

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Liverpool’s iconic skyline will glow with a vibrant orange hue on Saturday, 25th November, as the city participates in the international “Orange the World” campaign, a powerful initiative aimed at putting an end to gender-based violence. The colour orange, symbolizing hope for a violence-free future, resonates with Savera UK’s “No Excuse for Abuse” campaign.

Prominent landmarks such as St John’s Beacon, Liverpool Town Hall, St George’s Hall, World Museum Liverpool, and Merseyside Police Headquarters will be bathed in orange light to draw attention to the urgent need to eradicate violence and abuse. This symbolic illumination is a visual representation of solidarity and support for survivors of gender-based violence.

The initiative coincides with a significant event organized by charities Savera UK and Zonta UK, taking place on the same day. The march, starting at 1:45 pm from Williamson Square, will wind its way through Liverpool city centre, bringing attention to the crucial issues of ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA), harmful practices, and all forms of gender-based abuse. Savera UK has noted a nearly 6% increase in new referrals to its services, highlighting the pressing demand for advocacy and support.

The march will kick off with a spirited drumming performance by Katumba, followed by brief speeches. Movema’s Sankofa and Liver Birds will add a cultural touch to the event, showcasing the richness and diversity of Liverpool. A poignant moment will occur during the march when Savera UK survivor ambassador, Khatra Paterson, shares her personal story. Additionally, clients of Savera UK will contribute readings, adding a human dimension to the statistics.

Savera UK, a leading national organization, specializes in supporting survivors and those at risk of ‘honour’-based abuse and harmful practices, such as forced marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), and conversion therapy. Zonta UK, affiliated with Zonta International, a global organization advocating for women’s rights, stands alongside Savera UK in promoting equality, education, and the end to child marriage and gender-based violence.

The 25th of November is a significant date as it marks the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the commencement of the United Nations’ “Orange the World” campaign and the annual 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. This global initiative unites individuals, organizations, and communities in raising awareness and calling for action to eliminate gender-based violence.

The culmination of the #16Days campaign will be on Sunday, 10th December, Human Rights Day. Participating landmarks are expected to once again bathe in orange light, underscoring their commitment to standing against gender-based violence and in support of human rights. This united effort serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a future where violence against women is eradicated and equality prevails.

As Liverpool stands united in orange brilliance, it sends a powerful message—a collective call for change, for a world where no one lives in fear, and where every person, regardless of gender, can thrive in a society built on respect and understanding.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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