Historic York Firm JH Shouksmith Embarks on Major Expansion

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In a significant development for the city of York, a historic engineering firm has commenced a major expansion of its Osbaldwick headquarters. The business, with a storied history spanning over two centuries, was granted permission by city councillors last year to modernise its facilities.

The expansion involves the replacement of existing prefabricated office, warehouse, and storage buildings that have been in place for over 50 years. This initiative aims to enhance the company’s operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. The new development will feature a three-storey office building accessible via Murton Lane and two two-storey light industrial buildings with separate access from Outgang Lane to the north.

A Modern Era for JH Shouksmith

The ground breaking ceremony marked a momentous occasion for the company, with key stakeholders present. The managing director of the construction firm leading the project expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. He highlighted the privilege of engaging early in the design and procurement process and anticipated the project as a significant milestone. The construction firm looks forward to delivering the development while creating local employment and supporting the supply chain.

The current leader of the business, representing the seventh generation of the founding family, spoke to councillors about the necessity of the upgrade. He explained that the existing office, which has served well for over 50 years, has become outdated and inefficient. He emphasised that the current facilities are not environmentally friendly and have poor energy efficiency, making it unsustainable to continue operations in such buildings.

The need for redevelopment was underscored, aiming to replace the offices and support the company’s progression. This transformation is seen as essential for maintaining the company’s competitive edge and operational efficiency in today’s climate.

Economic Impact and Sustainability

The redevelopment is a strategic move to support the company’s growth. The firm currently employs over 70 staff in York and Leeds, with an annual turnover of approximately £12 million in 2021. This figure is projected to increase to £17 million in the coming years, necessitating the expansion and hiring of additional staff.

A spokesperson for the company expressed excitement about the partnership with the construction firm, noting that the project concept has been elevated to the next level. The team is eager to embark on the next phase of this journey, anticipating the benefits of the new headquarters and estate expansion at Murton Way.

Community and Business Development

In addition to boosting the company’s capacity, the new development addresses York’s recognised shortage of industrial units. Part of the new office space will be made available for rent to start-ups or businesses looking to expand, fostering economic growth and innovation within the community.

The £6 million project is set to include 40 car parking spaces and 22 bicycle parking spaces for the new office, while the industrial units will feature 26 car parking spaces and 20 cycle spaces. These provisions underscore the company’s commitment to sustainability and support for eco-friendly transportation options.

Scheduled for completion next summer, the expansion of the firm’s headquarters marks a pivotal chapter in its long history. As the business embraces modernisation and sustainability, it continues to honour its deep-rooted heritage while positioning itself for future success.

This redevelopment is not only a testament to the enduring legacy of the company but also a beacon of progress and innovation in York’s industrial landscape. As the project progresses, it promises to bring new opportunities and revitalisation to the local economy, ensuring that the firm remains a cornerstone of York’s business community for generations to come.

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