Government Allocates £13 Million to Combat Rising Homelessness in Greater Manchester

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In a significant move to address the escalating issue of rough sleeping, the UK government has earmarked nearly £13 million in funding for Greater Manchester. The allocation, aimed at Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, and Tameside, is a strategic initiative to provide accommodation and support services for up to 94 individuals grappling with homelessness.

Manchester, at the forefront of this initiative, will receive £5.2 million from the government’s Single Homelessness Accommodation Programme. Collaborating with various organizations, the funds will be instrumental in establishing three supported housing schemes, aiming to house 42 people in total.

Oldham, Rochdale, and Tameside councils will also benefit, with each receiving approximately £2.1 million, £4 million, and £1.5 million, respectively. This injection of financial support is a timely response to the rising number of individuals experiencing homelessness across Greater Manchester. The latest count in Manchester alone reported around 50 people sleeping rough, marking an increase from 37 in May but a decrease from the figures recorded last year.

The persistently high number of households in temporary accommodation, holding steady at around 2,800 in recent months, reflects the challenges faced in the region. However, there has been a noticeable decline from the sharp increase observed last year. On a broader scale, Greater Manchester currently accommodates approximately 5,000 families in temporary housing.

The announcement aligns with the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity’s recent appeal, launched earlier this month, to raise funds for 1,000 nights of emergency accommodation for those at risk of sleeping on the streets during the winter. This appeal, spearheaded by the organization behind a successful scheme, aims to secure £30,000.

In addition to the £12.7 million announced on November 28, the government disclosed its commitment to providing over £23 million to councils across Greater Manchester over the next two years. This financial support is designated for preventive measures against homelessness. As part of the Single Homelessness Accommodation Programme, a total of £148.4 million will be distributed among 46 local authorities, housing providers, and charities across England. The objective is to construct or acquire 1,230 homes for the most vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness.

The Housing and Homelessness Minister emphasized the government’s dedication to providing a safe haven for everyone. “This funding will not only provide housing for rough sleepers but will also give tailored support to help those most in need off the streets, rebuild their lives, and begin to live independently,” she stated.

The funding application for the £12.7 million was led by Manchester City Council in collaboration with housing and support providers. The funds are specifically designated for supported housing catering to single individuals with a history of rough sleeping and prolonged support needs. The initiative will result in the creation of 42 units of supported housing distributed across three schemes.

These schemes are designed to offer individuals a stable environment along with personalized support until they are prepared to transition to independent living. The government funding will cover the construction of the housing, slated for completion by March 2025, and the operational costs of the three schemes for their initial three years.

In summary, the government’s commitment of £13 million to combat homelessness in Greater Manchester reflects a multifaceted approach to tackle the issue at its roots. The funds, distributed across Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, and Tameside, will not only provide immediate relief in the form of accommodation and support services but also contribute to long-term solutions for individuals grappling with homelessness. As the Single Homelessness Accommodation Programme progresses, the collective efforts aim to build a sustainable framework for addressing homelessness across the region.

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