Floating Stash: Boat Utilized for Drug Storage to be Auctioned After Owner’s Conviction

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In a significant development, a vessel previously employed as a floating repository for narcotics is poised for auction, following the conviction of its proprietor involved in illicit drug trade. A 49-year-old individual, formerly residing at Wyton Moorings, Bank End in Huntingdon, was sentenced to an eight-year prison term in August of the preceding year. This legal outcome followed an extensive inquiry spearheaded by the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit’s (ERSOU) Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU).

The investigation brought to light the individual’s utilization of a boat named San Periel, anchored along the placid waters of the River Great Ouse, as a covert storage facility for exceptionally pure cocaine blocks. The street value of the confiscated cocaine is a staggering £470,000, underscoring the pervasive nature of illicit drug trade in Cambridgeshire.

Upon the individual’s apprehension, a thorough search of the vessel uncovered not just the significant drug cache but also a substantial sum of £13,000 in cash, along with cannabis valued at £7,000. This revelation underscored the boat’s pivotal role in facilitating the individual’s criminal enterprise, serving as a floating safe for ill-gotten gains.

The convicted individual, identified as a key figure in an organised crime group responsible for trafficking and distributing cocaine throughout the United Kingdom, was not the solitary actor brought to justice. Two other individuals linked to this illicit network faced legal consequences, collectively receiving a total of 24 years in prison.

The individual’s conviction triggered the involvement of specialized financial investigators from ERSOU’s economic crime unit. Tasked with ascertaining the extent of illicit gains, they meticulously calculated that the individual had amassed £249,456.98 through unlawful activities. In a recent development at Cambridge Crown Court on January 11, the individual was directed to reimburse an initial sum of £36,514.60, representing the value of accessible assets and funds. Non-compliance with this restitution order may result in additional incarceration.

The Financial Investigation Manager at ERSOU emphasized the importance of reclaiming profits derived from criminal activities. The manager remarked, “After establishing the individual’s involvement in a criminal network engaged in large-scale drug transactions, it was imperative to take steps to recover the ill-gotten gains.”

The manager further disclosed details of the opulent lifestyle led by the convicted individual, emphasizing apparent disregard for the harm inflicted on communities through drug profiteering. Utilizing the Proceeds of Crime Act legislation, financial investigators aim to trace and recoup gains acquired through nefarious activities, such as drug dealing.

The impending auction of the San Periel boat symbolizes a significant stride in the battle against organised crime and drug trafficking. As ownership of the vessel transitions, it serves as a tangible reminder of law enforcement’s commitment to dismantling criminal enterprises and reclaiming proceeds from unlawful activities. The ongoing efforts of ERSOU underscore dedication to pursuing financial reparations and dismantling the financial infrastructure supporting illicit operations.

With future investigations pending, the convicted individual faces the possibility of additional restitution should further funds be linked to the criminal enterprise. Legal proceedings surrounding this case exemplify the multifaceted approach employed by law enforcement agencies to combat the pervasive impacts of organised crime on communities throughout the United Kingdom.

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Danielle Trigg
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