Cardiff’s Deepening Homelessness Crisis: Council Foresees Worsening Conditions

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Cardiff, UK – A bleak outlook on the homelessness crisis in the city has been shared by a senior council member, who anticipates a further decline before any signs of improvement emerge. The individual responsible for the housing portfolio in Cardiff Council highlighted the immense pressure on the city’s housing resources due to a diminishing availability of council homes and an increasing exodus of landlords from the rental market.

A recent council report unveiled that emergency shelter is being provided to approximately 80 individuals every night through the out-of-hours provision. The report underscored concerns, stating that going into the winter months, there is a significant increase in demand for this service due to the cold weather.

Compounding the crisis is a record number of single and young individuals seeking temporary accommodation. Cardiff Council has responded by securing an additional hotel, adding 60 units to emergency accommodation, with ongoing efforts to increase capacity at the Gasworks temporary accommodation site in Grangetown.

During a recent full council meeting, a member expressed deep concern about waiting times for accommodation, particularly with the colder and darker months ahead. Efforts to gain insight into tangible steps being taken to reduce waiting lists for hotel accommodation were discussed.

Cardiff Council reported that in August alone, 110 households moved into temporary accommodation, while 75 were able to leave it. Between July and September, the local authority conducted a staggering 1,183 assessments. Adding to the challenge, it was disclosed that a troubling statistic – over 2,100 landlords have exited the rental market in Cardiff, according to data from Rent Smart Wales.

Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, the council member highlighted the impact of served notices on landlords, leading to more leaving. Without adjustments to the local housing allowance by the government, the options available to address the crisis remain limited. While the council can sometimes intervene by paying off rent arrears for tenants facing eviction, there is currently a lack of a comprehensive solution to reduce waiting lists for temporary accommodation.

The severity of the issue was underscored, stating that being in hotel accommodation is the worst scenario, and despite efforts, the situation is expected to worsen. The accelerating pace of asylum claim decisions by the Home Office was identified as a factor likely to persist until December. The next month or so is expected to see the situation worsen, with ongoing efforts to ensure that everyone has somewhere to go, even if it is hotel accommodation.

The escalating homelessness crisis in Cardiff emphasizes the urgent need for a comprehensive approach, involving not only local authorities but also coordinated efforts at the national level to address the underlying causes and provide sustainable solutions. As winter approaches and the demand for emergency accommodation surges, the city faces a challenging period that demands immediate attention and collaborative action from policymakers, housing providers, and support services. The shadows cast by homelessness in Cardiff must be confronted with a united front to ensure that every individual has a safe and warm place to call home.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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