Broxtowe Borough Council Unites Against Violence, Raises White Ribbon Flag

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In a powerful display of solidarity, representatives from Broxtowe Borough Council, including its Mayor and Deputy Mayor, recently teamed up with community partners to raise the White Ribbon flag. This symbolic act emphasized their unwavering support for the White Ribbon campaign, a global initiative aimed at raising awareness and transforming societal attitudes towards violence against women.

The White Ribbon movement, deeply rooted in advocacy, strives to bring about change at the grassroots level. By fostering awareness and reshaping behaviours, the campaign aims to combat the pervasive issue of violence against women. Broxtowe Borough Council, fully embracing this cause, has received official recognition as a White Ribbon Accredited Organization, a distinction earned through their commitment to proactively address and prevent domestic abuse.

The Mayor of the Borough conveyed the council’s dedication to eradicating domestic abuse, stating, “No one should have to endure domestic abuse, and awareness campaigns like White Ribbon are a vital tool in educating and transforming attitudes to prevent this type of abuse from occurring. The Council is immensely proud to be a White Ribbon Accredited Organization, part of our broader efforts to combat domestic abuse in all its forms.”

At the forefront of the battle against domestic abuse is the Broxtowe Women’s Project, a charitable organization providing support and guidance to women, children, and young people affected by domestic violence. The project, supported by a grant of £6,825 from Broxtowe Borough Council’s UK Shared Prosperity Funding for the fiscal year 2023/24, actively engages in projects aimed at fostering community awareness, including events and activities centred around White Ribbon, adult safeguarding, and inclusion.

A representative from Broxtowe Women’s Project emphasized the significance of maintaining a year-round dialogue on the White Ribbon campaign. With the support of the UK Shared Prosperity Funding, the project has been able to conduct targeted awareness initiatives, engaging local Town and Parish Councils in meaningful discussions leading up to White Ribbon Day 2023. This year’s theme, encapsulated in the hashtag #ChangeTheStory, has provided a platform for substantial conversations about the role local communities can play in preventing Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

Broxtowe Women’s Project’s involvement extends beyond mere rhetoric, actively contributing to the transformation of attitudes within local communities. The infusion of UK Shared Prosperity Funding has empowered the project to embark on targeted initiatives, promoting awareness and sparking conversations that resonate beyond the confines of White Ribbon Day.

The funding allocation of £6,825 has played a pivotal role in financing events and activities that contribute to the broader conversation surrounding domestic abuse. By focusing on White Ribbon, adult safeguarding, and inclusion, Broxtowe Women’s Project has been able to instigate positive change within the community.

The representative from Broxtowe Women’s Project further elaborated on the impact of the funding, stating, “As a White Ribbon Accredited Organization, Broxtowe Women’s Project feels it is crucial to disseminate these messages consistently throughout the year. With the support of UKSPF funding this year, BWP has conducted targeted awareness-raising activities, fostering constructive discussions with local Town and Parish Councils in the lead-up to White Ribbon Day 2023. The theme #ChangeTheStory has allowed us to delve into substantive conversations about actionable steps local communities can take to prevent VAWG.”

The involvement of local government officials, including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Broxtowe Borough Council, in raising the White Ribbon flag signals a united front against gender-based violence. By actively participating in initiatives such as the White Ribbon campaign, Broxtowe Borough Council demonstrates a commitment to creating an environment where domestic abuse is not only condemned but actively prevented.

The symbolic gesture of raising the White Ribbon flag serves as a visible reminder of the shared responsibility to challenge and dismantle societal norms that perpetuate violence against women. Broxtowe Borough Council, in collaboration with its partners and organizations like Broxtowe Women’s Project, is taking significant strides towards fostering a community where every individual feels safe, heard, and protected from the scourge of domestic abuse.

As the campaign gains momentum, propelled by the financial support from UK Shared Prosperity Funding, the impact is reverberating within the community, leading to conversations that transcend the confines of awareness days. The ongoing efforts of Broxtowe Borough Council and its partners exemplify the transformative potential of collaborative action in combating violence against women and promoting a society rooted in equality, empathy, and respect.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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