Brighton and Hove Albion Celebrates Freedom of the City in Unanimous Council Vote

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In a landmark decision on Tuesday, 28th November, Brighton and Hove City Council unanimously granted the esteemed freedom of the city to Brighton and Hove Albion, lauding the club’s significant impact on the community and its substantial economic contribution, exceeding £600 million in the last fiscal year.

The ceremonial recognition, the highest civic honour, unfolded at Brighton Town Hall in a special meeting where councillors from various political backgrounds applauded the football club’s unwavering commitment to the local populace.

Despite the absence of club representatives, a poignant short film chronicling the journey from the historic Goldstone Ground in Hove, through Gillingham and the Withdean athletics stadium in Brighton, culminating at the acclaimed American Express Community Stadium in Falmer, was shared with attendees.

Currently engaged in a Europa League clash against AEK Athens in Greece, the Seagulls aim to avenge their recent 3-2 defeat at the Amex Stadium just two months ago.

Inside the chamber, councillors exhibited their support for the club, with some donning Albion scarves, and Independent councillor Peter Atkinson even sporting an Albion shirt. Outside, a small protest urged councillors to advocate for a ceasefire in Gaza, underscoring the diverse range of concerns within the community.

The council leader expressed her lifelong fandom, remarking, “You’d be hard-pressed to find a club more inspirational than ours,” highlighting its alignment with the city’s core values and its embodiment of achieving greatness from adversity.

The convenor, despite being a fan of another club, endorsed the honour for Albion, acknowledging its integral role in the city’s fabric. He shared his firsthand experience as a grassroots coach, emphasising football’s positive impact on the youth, particularly amid pandemic-related disruptions.

Another councillor lauded the club for its charitable endeavors, spotlighting its collaboration with a local network on International Men’s Day.

The conservative leader, drawing on his upbringing near Gillingham, where Albion played home games for two years, humorously quipped about shared experiences gained in the process.

He went on to metaphorically depict Brighton and Hove as a Christmas tree, with Albion being the star, symbolizing the team’s compelling journey from darkness to light, and the lessons of perseverance, teamwork, and loyalty learned along the way.

A councillor, draped in his Albion scarf, expressed gratitude to his family for passing on the love of the club. He commended Brighton and Hove Albion Blind FC for their triumph in the FA Disability Cup and reminisced about the joy the club had brought him in recent seasons.

Another seasoned season ticket holder recounted childhood memories of attending games at the Goldstone, including the historic event in 1997, where supporters from clubs nationwide gathered to show solidarity with Albion during challenging times.

He also praised the remarkable campaign securing a proper home for the club and the promotions that propelled the team to the Premier League.

A councillor shared a personal anecdote from 1971 when, as a 15-year-old, he was talent-spotted playing for a local school. Despite an initial invitation for a trial at the Albion, he humorously implored the team to confirm whether he should hang up his boots upon their return from Athens.

As the city collectively celebrates this recognition, the freedom of the city bestowed upon Brighton and Hove Albion stands as a testament to the club’s integral role in the community, its enduring spirit, and the shared joy it brings to the lives of its diverse fanbase.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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