Swansea Council Approves First ‘One Planet Development’ Project

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In a landmark decision, Swansea’s inaugural ‘one planet development’ initiative has received official approval, marking a significant stride towards sustainable living in the region. The project, situated on a picturesque field west of Ilston, Gower, is set to become home to a couple who have already made commendable progress towards their vision of a thriving market garden known as The Rowan Tree.

The approval comes as a result of meticulous planning and dedication by the couple, who embarked on their agricultural venture back in 2020, while residing off-site. The land, owned by the Ecological Land Cooperative, has been earmarked for development under the Welsh Government’s one planet development policy. This policy, designed to foster low-impact lifestyles, advocates for eco-friendly housing and self-sustaining agricultural practices.

Substantial documentation was submitted by the Ecological Land Cooperative to support the application, addressing various aspects ranging from visual impact assessments on the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to strategies for energy generation and waste management. Crucially, the application also outlined the economic viability of the venture, including projected earnings and expenditures, as councils are mandated to monitor one planet developments closely, with contingency plans in place for potential eventualities.

While encountering initial opposition, particularly regarding the proposed site named Furzehill, the couple have garnered support from local farmers and communities. Speaking on the unique attributes of their chosen location, they highlighted its south-facing orientation and fertile soil, which they described as a “grower’s dream,” conducive to successful crop cultivation throughout the year.

Plans are underway for the construction of a modest timber-framed dwelling, scheduled to commence this summer, with a view to enhancing their existing agricultural operations. The couple already boasts a repertoire of products, including flowers, fruits, and vegetables, with aspirations to expand their offerings across the six-acre plot. Additionally, initiatives such as orchard planting, woodland establishment, and biodiversity conservation through hedgerow maintenance are on the agenda, alongside plans for beekeeping to produce honey for sale.

The journey towards sustainable living represents a significant transition for both individuals. While one partner transitioned from a career in dance to horticulture, spearheading a successful cut flower business and orchard management in Hertfordshire, the other’s diverse professional background encompasses roles in acting, music, writing, and even postal services. Reflecting on their path to Furzehill, they expressed gratitude for the opportunity to realize a long-held dream of a land-based lifestyle, founded on principles of frugality and environmental stewardship.

Their venture has garnered widespread support from various quarters, with one supporter lauding their commitment to fostering a biodiverse market garden, which promises to enrich both the local community and the ecological landscape of Gower. Another endorsement underscored the environmental conscientiousness of the couple and endorsed the compatibility of their proposed minimalist dwelling with the natural surroundings, recognizing the pivotal role of on-site residency in advancing their agricultural enterprise.

In response to the council’s decision, they expressed gratitude, emphasizing the significance of on-site living in aligning with one planet development principles. With approval secured, they are poised to embark on a transformative journey towards sustainable living, embodying the ethos of environmental responsibility and self-sufficiency.

As Swansea paves the way for sustainable development initiatives, the approval of the first one planet development project heralds a new era of eco-conscious living in the region. With the couple at the helm of The Rowan Tree, the future shines brightly for sustainable agriculture and community resilience in Swansea and beyond.

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