Recycling Revolution Unfolds in Highland Households

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In a move to enhance recycling efforts, Highland Council has unveiled a significant overhaul in waste collection procedures that could see households across the region adjusting to a new system featuring up to five distinct bins.

Currently, many homes in areas such as Inverness and larger towns are equipped with four bins designated for general refuse, mixed recycling, food waste, and garden waste respectively. However, under the proposed changes, recycling methods will undergo a transformation, necessitating the separation of different types of recyclable materials into two existing bins, while a fresh receptacle will be allocated for general waste.

The initiative, scheduled for implementation over the course of this year and extending into 2025, is poised to commence with approximately 15,000 households in Dornoch and Ross and Cromarty in April, marking the inaugural phase of this ambitious undertaking. These households will also be introduced to a weekly food waste recycling service, a commendable addition aimed at bolstering sustainability efforts.

Residents in these areas will witness the reassignment of their existing green and blue bins for specific recycling purposes, alongside the provision of a novel bin dedicated to general waste disposal.

The rollout plan for these changes encompasses various regions across Highland:

  • Nairn: May
  • Inverness: May/June
  • Badenoch and Strathspey: August
  • Caithness: September
  • Sutherland: October/November
  • Skye and Lochalsh: February 2025
  • Lochaber: April/May 2025

Highland Council has clarified that each recycling bin will be emptied every four weeks, while general rubbish collections will persist on a fortnightly basis. Notably, the frequency of food waste uplifts will remain unchanged, continuing on a weekly basis.

The Chair of the Communities and Place Committee has expressed optimism regarding the forthcoming changes, asserting that the revamped system will streamline recycling processes for residents. They emphasized the importance of recipients being vigilant for correspondence from the council, urging them to mark key dates when the transition will take effect.

To facilitate this transformation, the council has secured funding from the Scottish government, a crucial financial support enabling the realization of this eco-friendly initiative.

For certain households, particularly those in Inverness, the modifications will introduce the addition of a fifth bin to their premises, comprising:

  • Green or grey bin (currently used for refuse): Plastics, metals, and food cartons
  • Blue bin (currently mixed recycling): Paper and cardboard
  • New non-recycle waste bin
  • Brown bin: Garden waste
  • Silver caddy: Food waste

As Highland homes brace for this revolution in waste management, anticipation and apprehension mingle among residents, poised on the brink of embracing a greener, more sustainable future.

In closing, the upcoming changes signify a concerted effort by Highland Council to adapt to evolving environmental concerns, striving towards a future where recycling is not merely a choice but a collective responsibility for the preservation of our planet’s resources.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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