Oxfordshire Hospice Unveils Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Cycle Scheme

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Embracing the festive season with a commitment to environmental responsibility, Katharine House Hospice (KHH) in Oxfordshire introduces its Christmas Tree Cycle initiative. This green alternative for disposing of Christmas trees not only benefits the environment but also supports a charitable cause.

In its fourth year, the initiative receives sponsorship from Viridor, a company specializing in recycling, resource, and waste management. The collaboration underscores the growing importance of sustainable practices within local communities.

Since its launch in January 2019, the Christmas Tree Cycle scheme has provided residents in OX7, OX15, OX16, and OX17 regions with a convenient way to part with their festive decorations. On January 9 and 10, KHH will dispatch its team to collect trees from residents’ homes, transporting them to Acreman’s Arboriculture Ltd in Wigginton. There, the trees will be chipped at no cost, transforming them into valuable mulch for future landscaping projects.

Managed in partnership with the national charity Just Helping, the initiative has witnessed remarkable growth, extending its reach to additional areas and gaining the support of environmentally conscious individuals.

A spokesperson for KHH, emphasizing the hospice’s commitment to alleviating post-holiday stress, stated, “The scent of a real Christmas tree creates a festive atmosphere, but the challenge arises when it’s time to part with it. We aim to ease this process for residents and simultaneously raise funds for our essential services.”

To participate, residents in the specified postcodes are encouraged to register on the hospice’s website before 10 am on January 3. Making a donation to Katharine House Hospice ensures a timely collection by one of Santa’s helpers post-festivities.

A representative from Viridor expressed the company’s delight in supporting the Tree Cycle initiative, aligning with Viridor’s vision of building a world where nothing goes to waste. “Our core value is to safeguard tomorrow, supporting our broader sustainability goals,” the representative added.

Beyond the environmentally conscious disposal of Christmas trees, Katharine House Hospice has engaged in various fundraising activities during the festive season. The Santa Fun Run, a cherished annual event, has successfully raised an impressive £21,000, showcasing the community’s dedication to supporting the hospice’s mission. Moreover, schools have taken the initiative to organize their own Santa runs, contributing further to the hospice’s cause.

In addition to the Tree Cycle initiative, the hospice has continued its annual Lights of Love event and Winter Appeal, fostering a sense of community and compassion during the holiday season.

For those interested in contributing to Katharine House Hospice’s efforts this Christmas, donations can be made through the hospice’s website, providing crucial support to the organization’s ongoing services.

As Katharine House Hospice continues to blend environmental consciousness with festive spirit, the Christmas Tree Cycle scheme serves as a shining example of how communities can unite, making a positive impact on local landscapes and the lives of those in need.

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