Everbright Hotels Transforms Historic Llandudno Bay Hotel, Slashing Carbon Emissions by 84%

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In a remarkable environmentally conscious initiative, Everbright Hotels has successfully overhauled the Grade II-listed Llandudno Bay Hotel, significantly decreasing energy costs and carbon emissions by an impressive 84%. The iconic Victorian-era hotel, situated on Llandudno’s scenic seafront, faced closure for over two years before Everbright Hotels took charge, grappling with issues such as a lack of hot water on the top floor and escalating energy expenses.

Initially projected to exceed £300,000, the hotel’s utility bills have been substantially reduced to just over £80,000 following an extensive refurbishment by Everbright Hotels. The renovation not only ensures economic viability but also champions sustainability, showcasing an 84% reduction in carbon emissions. The eco-friendly measures include the integration of electric vehicle (EV) charging points, encouraging visitors to contribute towards a greener environment.

The Operations Director of Everbright Hotels Group shared insights into the hotel’s sustainability journey during a meeting at the Conwy Business Centre for the Net Zero North Wales Network. The director highlighted the challenges faced upon acquiring the property, underscoring the impracticality of operating with the initially quoted gas and electricity bills. Nevertheless, the transformative green energy initiatives have not only made the hotel economically viable but have also significantly diminished its environmental impact.

The Conwy Business Centre event, attended by businesses across North Wales, featured speakers from various sectors. The director emphasized Everbright Hotels’ commitment to incorporating technology into their strategy, executed in two stages – modernizing existing systems and subsequently decarbonizing the business.

The first stage involved installing advanced aluminium and copper radiators, allowing the heating system to operate with a remarkable 75% reduction in water consumption. Multi-zone temperature controllers in all rooms and public areas enhance energy efficiency by enabling tailored heating control. Visitors to Llandudno can now confidently travel in their electric vehicles, thanks to the inclusion of cutting-edge charging stations, including a 50Kw DC Fast charger.

Everbright Hotels, established in 2015, manages four hotels in North Wales and two in Cumbria. The catalyst for their green transformation, according to the director, was the Covid-19 pandemic. The decision to retain staff during the pandemic allowed the hotel group to resume operations promptly once restrictions were lifted, prompting a re-evaluation of their operations.

The second stage of the green initiative involves equipping Llandudno Bay Hotel with solar panels, including thermodynamic panels as an alternative to air-source heat pumps. The generated electricity will be stored in batteries, supporting peak-time energy demands and electric car chargers. The director predicts significant savings in carbon emissions when these green energy generation and storage systems come online.

With a total investment of £150,000, Everbright Hotels anticipates a two-year payback period. The initiative, a triple victory, promises essential cost savings, substantial decarbonization, and increased customer appeal due to the growing preference for environmentally responsible accommodations. The Chief Executive of the North Wales Business Council, which runs the Net Zero North Wales Network, commended Everbright Hotels’ endeavours, emphasizing the importance of sharing such initiatives to inspire others and contribute to a greener business landscape. The executive stressed that Everbright Hotels’ success serves as a clear example that reducing carbon footprints aligns with sound business sense and contributes to improved profitability.

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