Efforts Persist to Safeguard Denman Park Ponds in Westhill

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Ongoing endeavours are underway to safeguard the tranquil Denman Park ponds in Westhill from contamination and pollution, as measures are taken to uphold the delicate ecosystem and shield local wildlife.

The serene ponds nestled within Denman Park have long been cherished by residents and visitors alike, serving as a haven for diverse pond life and wildlife. However, concerns over pollution stemming from various sources, including outdoor paints, household cleaning chemicals, and garden products like herbicides and pesticides, have threatened the ecological balance of these cherished water bodies.

In response to these challenges, continuing restoration works at Denman Park have now seen the installation of a downstream defender unit, a critical measure aimed at intercepting pollutants before they can reach the ponds. This innovative solution is poised to play a pivotal role in safeguarding the habitat from harmful substances, including litter and debris from road drains and park users.

The initiative, which has received support from Aberdeenshire Council and Scottish Government Nature Restoration Funds, underscores a concerted effort to rejuvenate the ponds and foster a healthier environment for both wildlife and park-goers.

A council spokesperson, speaking on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council, emphasised the importance of community involvement in preserving the park’s natural beauty. They urged local residents to play their part by ensuring that only rainwater finds its way into surface water drains, thereby minimising the risk of pollution.

Meanwhile, Scottish Water, a key partner in the conservation efforts, highlighted the significance of responsible waste disposal practices in maintaining the integrity of the sewer network and preventing environmental harm. The organisation stressed the importance of adhering to proper disposal guidelines, urging individuals to refrain from flushing non-biodegradable items down drains.

Residents and businesses operating in the vicinity have also been urged to exercise caution during external painting or cleaning activities, refraining from pouring leftover materials or wastewater into road drains to prevent contamination of the ponds.

The installation of the downstream defender, which commenced on April 19, necessitated temporary closures in certain areas of the park. However, efforts have been made to minimise disruption, with alternative access routes remaining available to visitors.

Looking ahead, ongoing improvements to the surface water drainage network in Westhill, spearheaded by Scottish Water, are expected to further enhance water quality entering the Denman Park ponds, reinforcing the long-term sustainability of this cherished natural asset.

As Aberdeenshire Council continues its vigilance in monitoring the health of the ponds and maintaining pollution warning signage, the collaborative efforts of local authorities, residents, and environmental organisations stand as a testament to the collective commitment to preserving Westhill’s natural heritage for generations to come.

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