Ambitious Plans Unveiled for New Sustainable Village in Edinburgh: Maybury Quarter Development Takes Shape

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Exciting developments are in progress for Edinburgh as plans emerge for the creation of the Maybury Quarter, a sprawling project set to transform the former Saici packaging facility grounds near Edinburgh Gateway Station. This expansive 15.5-acre venture, spearheaded by Summix Capital, is poised to introduce a sustainable village concept, complete with residential units, amenities, and extensive green spaces.

Central to the project is the provision of approximately 1000 homes, catering to a diverse range of needs and demographics within the community. Notably, proposals include the integration of affordable housing without tenure bias, a strategic move aimed at addressing Edinburgh’s acute housing crisis. Furthermore, plans encompass the construction of accessible family homes and Build to Rent (BTR) accommodation, reflecting a multifaceted approach to meeting the city’s housing requirements.

A spokesperson for Summix Capital outlined the project’s objectives, emphasising a commitment to fostering health, wellbeing, and sustainable lifestyles. The development aims to strike a harmonious balance between residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, cultivating a vibrant sense of place and community cohesion. Moreover, the incorporation of extensive green areas underscores a dedication to environmental preservation and urban biodiversity.

In addition to residential units, the Maybury Quarter will feature a hotel boasting 120-150 rooms, serving both residents and visitors. Complementing these facilities will be commercial and retail spaces, spanning 30,000 square feet, poised to enhance the area’s economic vitality and social fabric.

Summix Capital is engaging with the public to gather feedback on the proposals, organising two events at Delta Hotels by Marriott on Glasgow Road. The first event, scheduled for March 27, will offer an initial opportunity for stakeholders to review the plans, with a subsequent session slated for May 22.

A representative from Summix Capital expressed enthusiasm for the project’s potential to rejuvenate a significant brownfield site and contribute positively to Edinburgh’s urban landscape. The strategic location of the Maybury Quarter, coupled with its proximity to robust public transportation networks, including train, tram, bus, and cycle routes, positions it as an exciting and well-connected hub for sustainable living and economic activity in Scotland.

Looking ahead, Summix Capital anticipates submitting a detailed planning application to the City of Edinburgh Council towards the end of 2024, marking a pivotal milestone in realising the vision for the Maybury Quarter. As discussions progress and community engagement continues, the development holds the promise of addressing housing needs, stimulating economic growth, and fostering a vibrant, inclusive community in the heart of Edinburgh.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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