Time Running Out for Primary School Applications in Cambridgeshire – Parents Reminded to Act

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Parents in Cambridgeshire have just one week remaining to secure primary school placements for their children starting in September 2024. The application deadline, set by the Cambridgeshire County Council, is January 15, 2024.

To simplify the process, parents are encouraged to submit their applications online through the Cambridgeshire County Council website. However, a spokesperson for the council has issued a warning, stating that incomplete or inaccurate applications could face delays or even cancellation.

“All applications must be received by this date. Applications received after the 15th of January 2024 will not be considered until the second round of allocations (late applications),” the spokesperson emphasized.

The expected date for school offers to be announced is April 16, 2024. However, only those applications received before the January deadline will be considered in the initial round. The council spokesperson cautioned that popular schools might reach full capacity if applications arrive late and are processed during the subsequent allocation rounds.

In Cambridgeshire, parents have the option to apply for places in up to three schools, ranked according to preference. Alterations can be freely made to these preferences before the deadline. However, any requests for changes post the January 15 cut off will only be entertained if there are “valid reasons for doing so” until February 1, 2024.

Subsequent changes after the February date will be considered only during the second round of school place allocations, commencing from May 17, 2024. This policy applies universally, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the change request.

The Executive Director for Children, Education, and Families at Cambridgeshire County Council expressed appreciation for the dedication of school and academy leaders. He highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Local Authority and schools, aimed at achieving the best outcomes for children and young people, ensuring they have the resources to reach their full potential.

With the imminent deadline, parents are urged to act promptly to secure their preferred primary school placements. Late applications may risk missing out on the first round of allocations and could impact the chances of securing spots in highly sought-after institutions.

The council’s emphasis on valid reasons for altering school preferences after the deadline underscores the importance of careful consideration during the initial application process. Parents are encouraged to review and submit their applications accurately to avoid potential delays or complications in securing a spot for their child in the upcoming academic year.

As the deadline approaches, the Council anticipates a surge in applications, and therefore, prompt action is advised to ensure a smooth process for parents and a timely allocation of school places for the next academic year.

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