Redrow Inspires Young Readers with Newton Pop-Up Library in Nottinghamshire

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Redrow East Midlands has embarked on a heart warming mission to kindle the love for reading among children, unveiling a pop-up library at its Newton Garden Village development in Newton, Nottinghamshire. Local children are now invited to explore the world of books by selecting a free one of their choice from this delightful initiative.

Situated outside the development’s show home, the recently constructed pop-up library not only promotes literacy but also underscores Redrow’s dedication to sustainability. Constructed from natural wood and painted in the signature ruby-red shade, the library is now home to a collection of fresh editions of cherished children’s tales, ranging from mythical creatures to royal narratives and stories featuring adorable animals, all aimed at capturing the imaginations of young readers throughout the region.

In a bid to extend the literary joy, Redrow East Midlands has introduced a book swap feature at its Nicker Hill development in Keyworth. The sales centre at Redrow at Nicker Hill features a specially designated reading corner, allowing locals to collect books from a library box showcasing an array of classic children’s reads. Redrow encourages the community to actively participate in the book swap, fostering the exchange of unwanted reads for someone else’s cherished stories.

Ryan O’Sullivan, Sales Director for Redrow East Midlands, emphasized the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on the local community. O’Sullivan acknowledged the unfortunate reality that not every child has access to books, impacting literacy levels and the joy of reading. He underscored the importance of nurturing a passion for literature from an early age and ensuring that no child is left without a book.

To celebrate the launch of the pop-up library, Redrow East Midlands enlisted local storyteller Jake Evans, who hosted a captivating reading session with students at Bingham Primary School. The event aimed to further foster a love for reading and storytelling among the young minds of Nottinghamshire.

O’Sullivan shared his enthusiasm, stating, “At Redrow, we are committed to creating a positive impact on the local community to help make Nottinghamshire a great place to live. We are delighted to be launching our first-ever pop-up library, acknowledging that not every child has access to books of their own. This can significantly impact their literacy levels and love of reading.”

He continued, “To help nurture a passion for literature from an early age and to ensure no child goes without a book to read, we’re encouraging families of all ages to come along to Newton Garden Village or Redrow at Nicker Hill and pick up a free book to enjoy. To ensure there’s something for everyone, we’re encouraging anyone living in Nottinghamshire to donate their unwanted books and pick up one they’re yet to experience. We look forward to welcoming Nottinghamshire’s bookworms to the latest addition at Newton Garden Village and sharing our love of literature. Happy reading!”

This thoughtful initiative by Redrow East Midlands not only promotes literacy but also builds a sense of community through the joy of sharing stories. As the pop-up library becomes a beacon of literary delight in Nottinghamshire, it stands as a testament to the positive impact businesses can make by investing in the cultural and educational well-being of the communities they serve.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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