Little Troopers Day Nursery Earns Outstanding Ofsted Rating for Exceptional Childcare

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Oxford, UK – In a recent Ofsted inspection on November 7, 2023, Little Troopers Day Nursery, nestled on Stanley Road in Oxford, achieved the prestigious “outstanding” rating, solidifying its reputation as a beacon of exceptional childcare in the community. With 61 children aged between 0 and 4 under its care and a dedicated team of 15 staff members, the nursery has become a nurturing haven for early childhood development.

The Ofsted report, glowing with praise, describes the provision at Little Troopers as nothing short of outstanding. Inspectors noted that the children are not just happy but also secure in this warm and welcoming setting. The atmosphere within the nursery was highlighted as extremely nurturing, providing an optimal environment for the children’s learning and growth.

The report commends the staff for fostering a “can-do” attitude among the children, encouraging them to be active participants in their own learning. Notably, children are supported superbly to take risks and problem-solve, fostering a sense of independence and resilience from an early age.

One striking aspect of Little Troopers highlighted in the report is the staff’s commitment to creating a supportive and cooperative environment. Inspectors found that staff actively encourage children to engage with and assist each other during play, creating a sense of community within the nursery. The staff themselves were lauded as superb role models, employing innovative strategies to empower children to understand and manage their own behavior.

Inspectors reserved special praise for the exceptional interactions between staff and children, noting their sensitivity and diverse communication methods. This emphasizes the dedication of the staff to ensuring every child feels seen, heard, and understood, contributing significantly to the outstanding atmosphere at Little Troopers.

The leadership team, under the guidance of the nursery manager, was described as visionary with an uncompromising commitment to providing the highest level of care. The report highlighted the manager’s leadership as a key factor in creating an environment that nurtures both children and staff, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Parents, it seems, share the sentiment expressed by Ofsted inspectors. The report notes that parents highly rate the nursery, appreciating the exceptionally caring and communicative staff team. Testimonials overflow with positivity, emphasizing how children flourish in the nurturing environment provided by Little Troopers Day Nursery.

Beyond the day-to-day childcare, the nursery also excels in holistic child development. Children are not just cared for; they are supported to be independent and persevere in tasks. Even the youngest children are taught to feed themselves, while older ones actively contribute to setting the table and serving their own food. The emphasis on excellent table manners adds a well-rounded approach to their overall development.

Safeguarding, a paramount concern for parents entrusting their children to any care facility, received high praise in the report. Inspectors found a pervasive culture of safeguarding at Little Troopers, evident in all staff’s work. The staff’s in-depth knowledge of local safeguarding issues and close, professional relationships with families underscored the nursery’s commitment to the safety and well-being of every child.

In summary, Little Troopers Day Nursery has not only met but exceeded the high standards set by Ofsted. With excellent management, commendable parent partnerships, and a holistic approach to child development, the nursery stands as a testament to outstanding childcare. The local community can rest assured, knowing that Little Troopers is providing their little ones with capable, caring, and exceptional hands in which to flourish and grow.

Danielle Trigg
Danielle Trigg
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