Barratt Homes and National Literacy Trust Collaborate to Promote Reading During National Storytelling Week

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In a commendable initiative to mark National Storytelling Week, Barratt Homes, a prominent national housing builder, has joined forces with the National Literacy Trust to foster literacy skills among children and families in the South West. The collaboration involves the transformation of Barratt Homes’ marketing suites, with a special focus on the Winnycroft development in Matson, Gloucester.

Under the project, designated as “cosy corners,” families residing in the community are encouraged to engage in shared reading activities. Recognising the manifold advantages that reading brings to both children and adults, this endeavour aims to strengthen family bonds and promote literacy as a lifelong skill.

One of the innovative aspects of this collaboration is the creation of a collection of home-themed books, providing a unique literary experience for families. By converting their marketing suites into inviting reading spaces, Barratt Homes and the National Literacy Trust aim to make literature more accessible and enjoyable for the local community.

A spokesperson for Barratt expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “We appreciate the goals of National Storytelling Week and the way it encourages families to discover new ways to connect with each other over stories so they can reap the benefits all year round. We are really proud to add our marketing suites here in Gloucester and across the South West to the list of story corners popping up across the region this week.”

In addition to the “cosy corners,” Barratt Homes and the National Literacy Trust are taking their commitment further by engaging apprentices to construct community street libraries. These libraries will serve as a valuable resource for families, providing access to a variety of books on loan throughout the year. This initiative not only promotes literacy but also fosters a sense of community by encouraging the exchange of literature among residents.

The National Literacy Trust, known for its dedication to improving literacy levels across the UK, is extending its support beyond physical spaces. As part of the National Storytelling Week celebrations, the trust is hosting online events and sharing a plethora of ideas for families to adopt at home, emphasising the significance of incorporating reading into daily routines.

The collaboration between Barratt Homes and the National Literacy Trust underscores the importance of corporate responsibility in nurturing educational initiatives. By leveraging their resources and expertise, the housing developer and the charity are making a tangible impact on literacy within the South West community.

As National Storytelling Week unfolds, the collaborative efforts of Barratt Homes and the National Literacy Trust set a commendable example of how businesses can contribute to community well-being. The transformation of marketing suites into reading havens, the construction of community street libraries, and the provision of online resources collectively represent a multifaceted approach towards promoting literacy and storytelling.

In conclusion, the joint venture between Barratt Homes and the National Literacy Trust during National Storytelling Week stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in fostering educational initiatives. The creation of “cosy corners” in marketing suites, the construction of community street libraries, and the online support provided by the National Literacy Trust exemplify a holistic approach towards promoting literacy and storytelling.

As we celebrate National Storytelling Week, this initiative serves as a reminder of the positive impact that corporate partnerships can have on local communities. By encouraging families to embrace the joy of reading and making literature more accessible, Barratt Homes and the National Literacy Trust are contributing to the development of vital skills that extend beyond the confines of National Storytelling Week, enriching the lives of children and families in the South West. This collaborative effort showcases the potential for businesses to play a pivotal role in advancing educational goals and fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

Lauren Redford
Lauren Redford
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