Backlash Emerges as Labour Council Swiftly Implements School Closures in Brighton

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The Labour council’s abrupt decision to close two Brighton schools has ignited widespread opposition, leaving parents and educators disillusioned. The impending closure of St Peter’s School in Portslade and St Bartholomew’s School near London Road, Brighton, scheduled for the upcoming school year, has stirred discontent within local communities.

The dissatisfaction arises from the stark contradiction between Labour’s recent manifesto pledge during the local elections to “maintain open schools” and the hasty closure plans revealed a mere six months later. Parents feel blindsided by the lack of prior engagement and a brief consultation window of just weeks, leading to concerns about the transparency of the decision-making process.

In response to the closures, two petitions have gained momentum, collecting hundreds of signatures daily. These petitions reflect the collective sentiment that Brighton and Hove should continue to be a nurturing environment for education and child-rearing.

The existing challenges faced by families, such as increasing living costs, soaring rents, high energy bills, and expensive nursery fees, highlight the significance of preserving accessible, community-focused schools. The closures of St Peter’s and St Bartholomew’s, both deemed crucial community assets, raise questions about the potential impact on families in South Portslade and the absence of a local primary school.

St Peter’s, specifically praised as a “source of inspiration” for children with unique educational needs, provides a supportive community beyond traditional education. The impending closure of such institutions raises concerns about the future of vulnerable children and the disruption of the nurturing environments they currently enjoy.

Critics question the sincerity of the consultation process, scheduled during the holiday season, and doubt whether it is merely a formality. Unanswered questions regarding the closures, including the fate of affected communities, transition challenges for children, and the future of school buildings, have intensified skepticism among campaigners.

The closure of these schools follows Labour’s decision to disband the Cross-Party Schools Organisation Working Group, which aimed to address falling pupil numbers in the city. This move is particularly noteworthy given the collaborative efforts of the group during the Green minority council to explore alternatives and mitigate the impact of reduced pupil admission numbers.

Against a backdrop of over a decade of Conservative government policies affecting education negatively, closing schools becomes an alarming last resort. Families across the city grapple with the loss of institutions like Bright Start nursery and local primary schools, signaling a broader crisis in early years and education that demands a more thoughtful approach.

As parents and educators rally against these closures, the Greens urge Labour to extend the consultation period and provide a comprehensive report detailing all possible alternatives. The complexities of falling pupil numbers necessitate careful consideration, and the involvement of head teachers, cross-party collaboration, and input from parents and staff could uncover alternative routes that preserve essential community assets.

In the face of multiple crises exacerbated by governmental policies, Labour’s responsibility is to convince parents that their concerns are heard and acted upon. Merely citing a need for closure based on past inaction falls short in a climate where collective efforts are required to navigate the challenges faced by local education settings.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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