Major Drug Bust in Aberdeen: Organised Crime Group ‘Carlos’ Member Pleads Guilty

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Aberdeen, a city renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, found itself at the heart of a significant drug seizure that led to the apprehension of a key member of an organised crime group known as ‘Carlos’. A 32-year-old individual appeared before the High Court in Edinburgh, admitting to charges of supplying heroin and cocaine, shedding light on the intricate operations of the criminal underworld within the Granite City.

The court heard how police dealt a significant blow to the activities of the ‘Carlos’ syndicate when they raided properties linked to the individual, uncovering a stash of illicit substances valued at over £100,000. A prosecutor detailed the haul, which included heroin with an estimated street value of £79,310 and cocaine valued at £22,110. Additionally, officers seized £9,885 in cash from the individual, further implicating them in the illegal drug trade.

The individual’s association with the organised crime group was revealed through intelligence gathered by law enforcement agencies, highlighting the sophisticated methods employed by such groups in facilitating drug distribution. According to the prosecutor, the individual’s role within the group involved supplying diamorphine and crack cocaine, with transactions arranged at predetermined locations between dealers and customers.

The sequence of events leading to the individual’s apprehension unfolded when police observed them in the passenger seat of a vehicle in Aberdeen. Upon attempting to detain them, the individual attempted to flee, prompting a pursuit by officers. Following their apprehension, two mobile phones and a quantity of heroin were confiscated, leading authorities to uncover further evidence of their illicit activities at properties associated with them in Taransay Crescent and Constitution Street.

The individual’s defence advocate acknowledged the seriousness of the charges against their client, highlighting their remand in custody since their arrest in November 2023. With no application for bail made, the individual’s fate now lies in the hands of the judiciary as they seek to determine an appropriate sentence.

In a bid to tackle the proceeds of crime, prosecutors revealed their intention to launch proceedings against the individual under relevant legislation, aiming to reclaim the seized assets for the benefit of the public. In response, the judge deferred sentencing to gather additional background information about the individual, indicating a desire for a comprehensive understanding of the accused before reaching a verdict.

The implications of the case extend beyond the individual’s involvement, offering insight into the broader challenges posed by organised crime and drug trafficking in Aberdeen and beyond. As the legal proceedings progress, attention will turn to the upcoming sentencing hearing scheduled at the High Court in Glasgow on April 25, 2024, alongside a procedural hearing for the proceeds of crime action set to take place in June 2024 at the High Court in Edinburgh.

In the ongoing battle against illicit drug trade and organised crime, this case serves as a reminder of the vigilance required to safeguard communities and uphold the rule of law. As authorities continue their efforts to dismantle criminal networks, the pursuit of justice remains paramount in ensuring the safety and well-being of society.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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