London Mayor Urges Swift Action on Zombie Knives Ban

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London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has once again called on the government to expedite the implementation of a more rigorous ban on zombie knives and machetes. Expressing frustration over what he deems “unacceptable delays” in planned legislative changes, Khan’s plea follows actor Idris Elba’s recent claim that politicians are not appropriately addressing the issue.

The Home Office had previously stated that carrying a bladed item over three inches in public without good reason is already an offence. However, the government’s definition of a zombie knife includes those with “a cutting edge, a serrated edge, and images or words suggesting it is used for violence.”

In August 2023, the Home Office unveiled plans to establish a more robust definition for these weapons and grant additional powers to the police to seize them. Despite these intentions, uncertainty looms over the timeline for implementing the proposed changes.

Zombie knives were initially added to the government’s list of prohibited offensive weapons in 2016. Nonetheless, campaigners argue that a persistent “legal loophole” needs addressing before these knives can be effectively considered banned. One challenge faced by law enforcement is the emergence of zombie knives designed to circumvent the 2016 definition by lacking intimidating images or words.

Mayor Khan asserted, “Reassurances have been made, but instead, it is now more challenging for a teenager to purchase a lottery ticket than to acquire a zombie knife. Moreover, we have witnessed a cycle of home secretaries failing to deliver on their promises.” He called for an end to these delays and urged the Home Secretary to promptly strengthen the legislation to eradicate the presence of these weapons on the streets.

In an upcoming meeting with Home Secretary James Cleverly, Khan is expected to address the remaining loopholes and push for immediate action. Liberal Democrat London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon emphasized that the responsibility for regulating zombie knives lies with Westminster. Pidgeon urged the UK Government to cease procrastination and introduce the ban on the sale of these weapons, highlighting the potential risks associated with each day of delay, compromising the safety of people on the streets.

Caroline Russell, Leader of London Assembly Greens, expressed support for the mayor’s emphasis on urgently banning zombie knives. However, she also drew attention to the broader issue of knife violence in London, suggesting that preventative measures should extend to addressing the Metropolitan Police’s practice of sharing knife images on social media. Despite concerns over the potential harm to young people, the Mayor’s commitment to tackling knife violence remains a focal point.

As the debate over the stricter ban on zombie knives continues, the pressure on the government to address the existing legal loopholes and expedite the implementation of enhanced regulations intensifies. The unresolved issue poses a significant challenge for law enforcement in their efforts to curb the proliferation of these potentially dangerous weapons on the streets.

In conclusion, the urgent need for action is underscored by the persistent delays and the potential dangers posed by the continued availability of zombie knives. The Mayor’s call for a more stringent ban resonates with concerns over loopholes that undermine existing legislation. The forthcoming meeting with the Home Secretary is poised to be a pivotal moment in determining the trajectory of efforts to tackle this pressing issue. The ongoing debate reflects the broader challenge of balancing public safety with the need for effective and enforceable legislation in the face of evolving threats.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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