Plans for 35-Storey Skyscraper in Cardiff Take Step Forward

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Proposals to redevelop the former Porter’s bar site in Cardiff with a towering 35-storey skyscraper have progressed, marking a significant milestone in the city’s architectural evolution. The company behind the ambitious project, Draycott Group, has formally approached Cardiff Council seeking approval for the demolition of the existing structures.

Initially revealed in 2021, the plans aimed to replace the iconic Porter’s establishment with one of Wales’ tallest buildings, signalling a bold leap in Cardiff’s skyline. After a period of relative quiet following the initial announcement, momentum has surged back into the project, sparking anticipation and debate within the community.

Porter’s, a cherished local venue, bid farewell to its original premises in 2022, citing imminent demolition. However, its legacy lives on in a new location on Barrack Lane, ensuring continuity for its patrons amidst the winds of change blowing through the city.

The proposed demolition encompasses not only the former Porter’s bar but also the adjacent 1970s office block, the car park podium, and the connecting ramp—a comprehensive overhaul set to redefine the urban fabric of the area. While demolition falls under “permitted development,” recent deliberations by the Cardiff Council highlight the need for prior approval due to the anticipated impact on the surroundings.

Confirming this necessity on March 20, 2024, the council emphasised the significance of further detailing the demolition methodology before greenlighting the project. Such meticulous scrutiny underscores the importance of balancing progress with preservation, ensuring that Cardiff’s architectural evolution is harmonious and sustainable.

Draycott Group’s acquisition of the site in 2018 heralded a new chapter in Cardiff’s skyline saga, with ambitious blueprints for a soaring residential block capturing both imaginations and reservations within the community. Despite facing initial opposition, plans for the 35-storey structure remain steadfast, poised to reshape the city’s silhouette.

Yet, amidst the anticipation surrounding Harlech Court’s ascent, a newer contender looms on the horizon. A proposed skyscraper in Wood Street threatens to steal the title of Wales’ tallest, a title contingent upon the final height of Harlech Court. This dynamic competition underscores Cardiff’s emergence as a hub of architectural innovation, where each new edifice vies for supremacy in the city’s evolving narrative.

Meanwhile, plans for a 42-storey skyscraper in Customhouse Street languish in uncertainty, reflecting the nuanced interplay of ambition and bureaucracy inherent in such transformative endeavours. Notably, the Citrus Hotel, cohabiting the site earmarked for demolition, escapes unscathed under the current plans, offering a semblance of continuity amidst the impending metamorphosis.

As Cardiff braces itself for the next chapter in its urban evolution, the journey towards realising Harlech Court stands as a testament to the city’s resilience and aspirations. With each new development, Cardiff’s skyline evolves, reflecting not only architectural prowess but also the spirit of a community in constant flux. The forthcoming deliberations on Harlech Court’s fate promise to shape Cardiff’s horizon for generations to come, underscoring the delicate balance between progress and preservation in a city pulsating with promise.

Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson
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