Exeter’s David Lloyd Leisure Club Plans Spa Overhaul for Enhanced Member Experience

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Responding to a surge in demand for top-tier wellness amenities, Exeter’s David Lloyd Leisure Club at Sandy Park is gearing up for a spa makeover. The esteemed health club has submitted a planning application to expand its indoor spa and create a more expansive, luxurious spa garden, catering to the preferences of its discerning members.

The proposed improvements include enlarging the existing indoor spa and developing a more opulent spa garden by repurposing the space currently occupied by an outdoor children’s area and parking bays. Additionally, subtle alterations to the building’s elevation facing the spa garden are in the works, seamlessly linking to the upgraded internal facilities.

To accommodate these changes, the club will rearrange parking spaces, ensuring the preservation of the current number of disabled bays. However, this comes at a cost, with a slight reduction of seven spaces from the overall parking capacity. The spa garden, envisioned as a haven of tranquillity, will feature evening lighting with a series of low-intensity LED sources for an environmentally friendly ambiance.

Addressing the need for these alterations, the club’s planning application states, “The club presently provides limited internal spa facilities. There has been significant demand for an enhancement in these facilities, and the proposed works aim to meet these requests.” This indicates a thoughtful response to the evolving preferences and expectations of club members.

Situated adjacent to Sandy Park Farm and Exeter Rugby Club, the David Lloyd Leisure Club enjoys a prime location in Exeter. The outdoor swimming pool, located to the west of the building, and the adjacent tennis courts contribute to the overall recreational appeal. The northern boundary is marked by hedgerows and trees, ensuring a harmonious blend with the natural surroundings.

The proposed changes underscore a commitment to enhancing the overall experience for club members. The expansion of the internal spa is a direct response to the growing demand for more comprehensive wellness facilities. The new spa garden, nestled within the current children’s area and parking space, aims to create a serene escape for members seeking relaxation amidst lush surroundings.

A notable aspect of the proposed changes is the preservation of disabled parking bays, highlighting the club’s dedication to accessibility. While the reconfiguration results in a modest reduction in overall parking availability, the emphasis on disabled parking aligns with inclusivity values.

The plans for evening lighting in the spa garden, incorporating low-intensity LED sources, reflect a conscientious approach towards environmental impact. By embracing energy-efficient lighting, the club not only enhances the ambiance but also contributes to sustainable practices.

The proximity of the David Lloyd Leisure Club to Sandy Park Farm and Exeter Rugby Club adds to its allure. The existing outdoor amenities, such as the swimming pool and tennis courts, along with the lush greenery provided by hedgerows and trees, create an idyllic setting for the proposed spa expansion.

As health and wellness continue to take centre stage in people’s lives, the David Lloyd Leisure Club’s initiative to upgrade its spa facilities aligns with the evolving preferences of its members. The proposed changes, if approved, promise to elevate the club’s status as a premium destination for fitness and relaxation in Exeter.

In conclusion, the planning application submitted by David Lloyd Leisure Club heralds a new era for spa enthusiasts in Exeter. The proposed expansion and enhancements signify a commitment to providing a holistic wellness experience for members, blending modern facilities with the natural charm of the surroundings. As the application progresses, anticipation builds for the realization of an enriched spa haven at Sandy Park.

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